Northwest Front
The Weird Aryan History Series

Compiled by Harold Covington

Someone once said that Americans are a people without a past. I once saw a statistic to the effect that less than 50 percent of Americans can name all four of their grandparents and less than 10 percent could name more than one great-grandparent. Many Americans confuse the Korean War with World War Two. Something like 30 percent of reporters in the Gulf War did not know there had been a World War One.

We as a people have no idea where we've been, so it's no wonder we have no idea where we're going.

My Weird Aryan History series is an attempt to remedy that, to inform White Nationalists of some of the more interesting events in the history of our people and let them know that yes, in fact there were Aryan events going on before the time of cowboys and Indians.

In addition to being a people with amnesia, we are also a very sleazy people, as the current pre-occupation with Court TV and assorted media-hyped crap indicates, from Scott Peterson to Natalee Holloway. Fine, I'm sleazy too. So I will be selecting all kinds of weird, wonderful, violent, bloody, bizarre, and ghastly stuff from the history of our race and presenting it for our own little tabloid show here on the internet.

Lesson #1: The Princes in the Tower (1483)

Lesson #2: The Wild Donnellys (1880)

Lesson #3: The Chevalier Bayard (1473–30 April 1524)

Lesson #4: Gotz Von Berlichingen (1480–1562)

Lesson #5: Benvenuto Cellini, Artist and Murderer

Lesson #6: The Strange Death of Warren Harding (1923)

Lesson #7: Caterina Sforza, Duchess of Forli and Imola (1463-1509)

Lesson #8: A Passage to Oblivion—The Disappearance of the U.S.S. Cyclops (1918)

Lesson #9: Hildegard von Bingen, Abbess of Disibodenburg (1098-1179)

Lesson #10: The Battle of Maldon (991 A.D.)

Lesson #11: The Devil’s Footprints (1855)

Lesson #12: Don Carlo Gesualdo (c.1560–1613)

Lesson #13: Oak Island: The Money Pit

Lesson #14: Spring-Heeled Jack (1837)

Lesson #15: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe (1593)

Lesson #16: Sawney Beane (app. 1420s A.D.)

Lesson #17: The Disappearance of Greenland’s Vikings

Lesson #18: The Siege of the Alcazar

Lesson #19: Sir John Franklin: His Life and Afterlife

Lesson #20: A Haunting at Sea

Lesson #21: Abelard and Heloise

Lesson #22: The Defense of Rorke's Drift

Lesson #23: The Mad Prince of Spain

Lesson #24: Lucius Cornelius Sulla

Lesson #25: The Germans Who Won

Lesson #26: The Mary Celeste (1872)

Lesson #27: St. Edward the Martyr (978 A.D.)

Lesson #28: Wrong-Way Corrigan (1938)

Lesson #29: The Synod Horrenda (897)

Lesson #30: Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November (1605)

Lesson #31: The Case of the Vanishing Diplomat (1809)

Lesson #32: Marozia the Pope-Maker

Lesson #33: The Mysterious Death of Amy Robsart (1560)

Lesson #34: The Last Viking

Lesson #35: The Hurtling Moons of Barsoom (19th Century A.D.)

Lesson #36: Albrecht Von Wallenstein (1583-1634)

Lesson #37: Death at the Ball (1792)

Lesson #38: Screaming in the Castle

Lesson #39: The Hunley (1864)

Lesson #40: The Affair of the Poisons (1679)

Lesson #41:  The Man in The Iron Mask (17th century)

Lesson #42: Mystery Airships of the 1800s

Lesson #43: The Witches of Kilkenny (1324)

Lesson #44: The Battle of Adobe Walls (1874)

Lesson #45: First To Fly, First To Die (1785)

Lesson #46: Who Was Then The Gentleman? (1381)

Lesson #47: The Death of the Red King (1100 A.D.)

Lesson #48: The Mistress of Death

Lesson #49: The Father of Modern Science (1493–1541)

Lesson #50: The Shangani Patrol (1893)

Lesson #51: The Murder of Lord Darnley (1567)

Lesson #52: The Kensington Runestone (1362)

Lesson #53: The Lost Colony (1587)

Lesson #54: The First Thanksgiving Proclamation

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