Northwest Front
Northwest Migration FAQ

Q) Why does it have to be the Northwest? What about other predominantly White parts of the continent, such as New England, for example?

A) Bearing in mind that the objective is to create a viable nation for White people and to avoid small, non-viable, surrounded enclaves, the new Homeland must meet several criteria. These include:

  1. The Homeland must be extensive, big enough to grow into over many generations. Lebensraum, as it were. That rules out New England.
  2. It must be a contiguous all-White land mass. Enclaves would eventually be overrun. That lets out Matt Hale’s “everybody move to Peoria and take over the county” idea, although as I explain later, becoming predominant in certain localities within the Northwest is a good idea with which to begin an eventual Northwest-wide revolution. We call these communities primary settlement areas or PSAs.
  3. There must be sufficient natural resources and infrastructure to support, feed, and clothe a growing nation and create industry. That rules out New England as well. The Northwest presently has most of what we will need and we can jury-rig the rest. Towards the end in Rhodesia we were manufacturing everything from our own steel to our own Scotch; it was only a failure of political will that destroyed the country.
  4. The new nation must have an extensive coastline with viable deep-water harbors. It must not be a landlocked enclave dependent on flight over hostile territory for communication with the outside world. We will also need access to the sea for commercial fishing, desalinization, and mineral extraction, all of which will be necessary in the 21st century.
  5. Remember, the Northwest idea was not invented by me. It’s been around for about thirty years, and all unsung there is in fact migration already going on, including a fair amount of overt racially conscious migration, especially by religious people to Idaho and Montana. There is also a large amount of “organic migration” on the part of conservative White people who will not openly admit (yet) to racial feelings, but who are basically fleeing the mudflow, especially from California.
  6. The land of the Northwest is already sanctified with the blood of martyrs such as Vicky and Sam Weaver, Gordon Kahl, Bob Matthews and Richard Butler. We cannot and should not turn away from this legacy that has been given to us by some of the few truly heroic White people of this generation, and we owe it to them to make sure they did not suffer in vain.

Q) I have heard that the Pacific Northwest is a depressed area in an economic sense. Is this true?

A) Pretty much every place on the continent is in bad shape as part of the Obama Depression, and it’s true that the Northwest is affected as well. The Northwest is not immune from general nationwide economic trends. It’s also true that parts of the Homeland have always been a bit thin economically. Northern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and parts of Eastern Washington fall into this category. In these areas there is a lot of seasonal employment where you work your ass off all spring and summer to pay your heating bills through the winter.

That having been said, there are still jobs available all along the I-5 corridor, as well as in urban areas like Boise and Spokane, although it certainly helps if you have skills, a good work history, and if you know how to hustle. (This is why I am constantly after White kids to put up with the niggers and the bullshit, stay in school and get themselves marketable skills.) Jobs don’t just fall into your lap, here or anywhere else. You have to go out there and look for them.

When I first arrived here in 2002 I was hired at the first place I applied, and drew a short initial paycheck about three weeks after I got here. Granted, things were different then under a Republican capitalist administration as opposed to a Democratic socialist one, and there was much more economic opportunity, but this can still be done if you’ve got the chops for it.

Bluntly put, if you can achieve any kind of modest success, income and stability where you are now, you can do it here. If you’re looking for a new start, the Northwest is probably the best place to try it, even as bad as things have become under The One.

The remaining economic viability is mostly in the I-5 corridor, and if you’re short on skills or resume, that’s where you need to go. If you have high-level manual skills in things like plumbing, carpentry, electrician work, auto mechanics or outdoorsy things, or if you have a guaranteed private income of some kind, or if you are one of those rarer and rarer White people who are retired on a decent pension that the Obama Crash didn’t wipe out, or if you have enough assets and entrepreneurial skills to set up a proper business ... hey, write your own ticket. The interior of the Northwest is just as beautiful and majestic as the coast. If on the other hand, you need a salaried 9-to-5 job, the I-5 corridor is your best bet.

But you do have to exercise a little common sense. Northwest Migration is the right thing for you to do, but let’s get one thing clear: no one is promising you it will be the easy thing to do.

If you simply quit your job, throw your things in a U-Haul and drive up here, especially in the winter, you may come short. True, there are people who have done just that, including myself. And true again, that’s the way the first pioneers did it 150 years ago in their covered wagons. But it’s far better and easier if you Come Home in a planned and organized fashion. You need a strategy and a timetable. You need to save money for the move. You will have to make a scouting trip to check out your future area of residence and make local contacts. You will have to do research on the internet.

Q) Is the Northwest Migration a survivalist movement?

A) You mean can you go out and build a cabin in the woods, be a hermit, bury your television set behind the cabin and hide from all the politically correct unpleasantness? Certainly, if that’s what you want. If you can find some way to support yourself, we have plenty of woods full of bears and Sasquatch just waiting.

A lot of people view the Northwest as just that, a Weaver-style cabin on Ruby Ridge. Nothing wrong with that if you can find a way to make a living, although you might want to ask Randy Weaver how well that worked out for him in the long run. The System doesn’t want White people opting out, home schooling their kids, and disconnecting from the television, and sometimes the power structure will go to extreme lengths to prevent Whites from doing any such thing.

There have always been two strains of thought regarding Northwest Migration. The first is the more common concept of finding cheap land out in the middle of nowhere, sinking your own well, growing an organic garden, stocking up a whole cabin with guns and “surviving” whatever is to come, be it nuclear apocalypse or monetary collapse or whatever. Right-wingers traditionally refer to this as “When The Balloon Goes Up.”

The second viewpoint, the one that has been growing for some time, is the far more proactive approach of confronting rather than hiding. The Northwest Front seeks to create a political White separatist movement demanding an independent Homeland for White people in the Northwest, and in order to do this, it means we have to go where the people and the problems are, and concentrate largely on the more populated areas.

Q) I currently am able to own my own home, be it ever so small, at a reasonable price and at a low premium for property tax. Would it be possible for me to not lose these options upon migration?

A) Like so much else, the answer here is based very largely on where in the Homeland you choose to live. Housing prices and property taxes are going to be lower in La Grande, Oregon than they will be in The Dalles, and prices and taxes will be lower in The Dalles than they will be in downtown Portland, or in upmarket Seattle neighborhoods like Bellevue or Kirkland. The key to the whole economic issue that seems to worry prospective migrants so much is location, location, location. Rents and housing prices are going to be higher where the jobs are. This is simple economic common sense, and it holds true for everywhere.

Q) How will the local White people respond to racial migrants to the Northwest?

A) 30 years of nasty liberal media propaganda, including a number of stupid Hollywood movies, certainly hasn’t helped our image any. When you say “Northwest separatist” most people conjure up a vision of a religious nut living with multiple wives out in a cabin on a mountain, or else some shaven-headed, tattooed punk in a compound screaming “White Power” and giving a Hitler salute with one hand while waving a can of beer in the air in the other. Like all stereotypes, these are mostly false and the creation of hostile government propaganda, but there is enough truth behind them to sting. We haven’t been as good at presenting ourselves as we might have been in the past.

I have never quite understood why the White Nationalist movement has this desire to look and behave like a carnival. If you don’t act like a loon, don’t wear strange garb, don’t shave your head, don’t walk around babbling apocalyptic Bible verses, and don’t goose-step down the street with a beer can in one hand screaming “Sieg Heil!” then that’s definitely a step in the right direction.

If you refrain from shooting up restaurants with an automatic rifle, if you blend in, pay your bills, make friends and show people you are a normal human being, you won’t have much trouble with the locals.  Put yourself on a credible basis of communication with them by learning how to speak their language. Do not confront them head-on with symbols, ideas, and concepts that they have been socially and mentally conditioned from birth to reject. Softlee, softlee, catchee monkey. Above all, do not abuse or insult their religion.

Q) Are there any specific locales being recommended? Entire states make things a bit rough when searching for homes, jobs, etc. A bit of direction may be of assistance, (even if within a several hundred mile area in each of four to five states).

A) The Party is in the process of establishing what we call PSAs (primary settlement areas) as a first step, so that we can gather small groups of White nationalists in specific communities and establish support systems. Once again, it depends on what your skills are and what you personally are looking for in a future home.

The parts of Montana I have seen are a bit desolate for me personally, but some folks like that big sky. Some people consider North Idaho the cradle of the Northwest Migration movement, and at the moment it is the only place where you will be sure to have at least a few racially aware settler neighbors, thanks to the efforts of Pastor Butler and Aryan Nations.

I myself like Washington because it has no state income tax. Others like Oregon because it has no sales tax. I was kind of halfway tempted to move to Vancouver where I can live in Clark County, Washington, pay no income tax and do all my shopping across the river in Portland.

If you decide to work through the Party for your migration, we will be able to provide you with information on current PSAs, relocation literature and some limited practical assistance on the ground, etc.

by Harold Covington