Chinese free-trade zone... in Boise!

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Chinese free-trade zone... in Boise!

Postby QueZee » Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:16 pm

"China has decided to invade the United States, not with tanks and airplanes, but with an army of workers to develop what are being called 'free-trade zones' within the U.S."
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Re: Chinese free-trade zone... in Boise!

Postby HAC » Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:32 am

For the record, this guy sent me an e-mail full of "more in sorrow than in anger" renunciation of the NF and Northwest in general. Apparently somebody on this group was mean to him and back-sassed him, and we just can't live with that, now, can we? Score another one for the internet, boys!
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Re: Chinese free-trade zone... in Boise!

Postby MAC » Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:28 am

He wanted to ask questions about the NF for non NF people to answer and didn't like it when I replied to him and pointed out that in fact the NF has already addressed his questions concerning the NF and that the answers were already posted and all he had to do was read them. He wanted people sitting at their computers chatting it up and debating the NF instead of migrating. He was offended that I pointed him to the FAQs and complained that we wouldn't let him ask his question (even though he already had and it didn't get deleted.) His loss, not ours.

By the way, everyone, in case anyone hasn't gotten it yet, this forum is not here for non NF members to DEBATE NF policies or plans. We are here to help people MOVE to the homeland. Again, if you have questions about the NF, our policies, our reasons or our plans, please, please check the FAQs FIRST, your answer is likely there. IF you don't find your answer there, then by all means politely ask your question in an EMAIL to the NF at NWNET@EARTHLINK.NET. Asking questions about the NF here is not exactly helpful to those who want to move. The NF forums are not here to debate the NF but to help people move. There are only a couple people on this forum who are actual representatives of the NF. If you ask a question here, we will answer it, but others will also give their opinion and they may not agree with us and muddy the answer that you seek.

However if you have questions about locations, jobs or other things that will help you move, by all means ask away and anyone can help you.
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