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Winning Strategy- Open to New ideas.

Postby IQgo » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:21 am

I've got plenty of advice. And, Andy is correct. Alot doesn't work.

Which brings me to the next issue: "Do whatever works".
When I was originally working on this thesis; I was using different words.
"don't put yourself before the movement".
I'm trying to help save my people. I'm NOT doing this for personal fame.

So, "Put your ego aside". "Let's work together for the comment goal".
"Always be open to new ideas".
[[ Section B ]]

IF somebody has a better idea than yours; then remain open-minded.
For example:
Many people have offered solutions to our situation.

Here are a few:
A- Some people have tried to start their own private communities in Britain.
B- Some American Whites have created their own private clubs, compounds, and land pockets.
C- Some people, such as Dr. Kevin MacDonald are trying to create groups which serve White Interests.
D- Some clowns have tried to save our people by creating PEPE memes.
Obviously, none of these ideas will work in the long run. BUT, I'm not against it.

E- MensRightMovement had an excellent idea of encouraging births among our people.
( I will get into that issue, in the future).
F- HAC had the best idea, by far. Creating our own homeland(s).
After 10 years, there's finally someone else with an idea which rivals the best.
JohnMarkSays has introduced the possibility of a full-scale nationwide conflict.

G- meanwhile, some boneheads actually think we can achieve success through the ballet boxes.


Now, let's get back to HAC.
Even he once said that this might NOT play out as he planned.
Perhaps, the first succession movement might take place in Canada. OR, whatever.
[[ Section C ]]
In other words: stay open-minded ( I hate using that term). and always be open to possibilities.
Don't be hard-headed. I've learned not to be stubborn.

Believe me; I personally brainstorm many ideas. Some are viable. Some aren't.
I'm even open to the idea that PEPE MEMES serve a purpose. They can actually attract younger members.

But, we must also be LEVEL HEADED.
Ask yourself: What's gonna help our movement? What's gonna advance our cause?
That's what the entire thread is about.

[[ Section D ]]
Personally, I've been Listing website links, saving screenshots, writing articles, gathering evidence, naming names, and what-have-you.
Yes, it's NOT easy. (mainly because the media is brainwashing the masses).
But, we must develop a winning strategy.

...... More to come VERY SOON.
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Race and Intelligence

Postby IQgo » Thu Dec 19, 2019 10:00 pm

The Winning Strategy: "Stay on Topic".

Today's discussion is based on a simple idea: STAY ON TOPIC.
Our goal is to formulate a revolution through awareness.
and we must secure the future of our people.
It's not necessary to go into a big tangent.

A good example regards the issue of "Race and Intelligence.
GUYS: What does race & intelligence have to do with our movement? NOTHING. Nothing whatsoever.
I'm trying to establish a home for my people.
We're not gonna take an IQ test.
I'd rather live next door to a bunch of middle-class White guys, rather than Black doctors.
When WN's harp on the issue of Race & IQ, you run the risk of losing our audience.
People are gonna get turned-off by this. Don't scare people away from our movement.
be willing to compromise. I"m not denying IQ. just don't be too frank about it.

There are plenty of additional examples:
Many Alt-Righters are critical of vegetarianism.
That's fine. But, you're running a risk of losing an entire audience.
It just so happens, I'm a vegetarian. It's no really relevant to our movement.
okay, okay. Here's the point.
Unfortunately, humanity is flawed. and people are hard-headed.
and, if they firmly disagree with you on specific issues, they might just walk away from us.

I realize it's very silly. But, people are easily offended.
and, you can alienate them over the littlest thing.

I'll give another example: "Climate Change".
It's probably unrealistic . But, I can still take some aspects seriously.
Massive immigration stands to destroy the entire planet.
In any case, there are people who treat this topic as their top priority.
and, although our positions can differ; don't let it affect our unity.

In other words, be cautious when debating various issues.
We don't need to agree on every issue.
We need unity, not division.

So, don't create unnecessary arguments.
We wouldn't wanna bite-off more than we can chew.

Many WN's disagree on our ultimate vision.
But, I'm not worried about that.
Even HAC stated that our primary goal is securing our future.
He was a National socialist. Some of us are conservatives, some have a progressive vision.
Currently the hottest idea is Propertarianism.
Personally, I have many visions. Mostly resembling the old Constitutional USA.
but needing a few tweaks. Perhaps, abolishing rental property.
Not allowing a surveillance state, NO search and seizure.

Needing a financial safety net, BUT, also encouraging technology, manufacturing, and invention.

The point is: That's all irrelevant. It doesn't have to be my vision.
That's not the purpose of this thread. I'm more interested in saving our people.
That's the main objective. Stay on course.

MORE SOON,,,,,,,,,,
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Re: The Winning Strategy

Postby IQgo » Sun Jan 05, 2020 11:21 pm

first; I'm coming off major computer crashes.
Trying to fix and retrieve all lost files is very time consuming.
I haven't even watched the Christmas episode yet....

There are several different winning strategies.
and, I will get into more serious points in the future.
However, This time, we should lean back and keep things simple.

The winning strategy begins with ourselves.
And, that includes eating healthy, exercise, meditation, and overall well-being.
Take care of yourself; mind, body, and soul.

It's good to take extra precautions.
Whether you're hiking, driving, or visiting densely populated areas;
always be aware of your personal safety.

You needn't avoid unpleasant events, such as regularly visiting the dentist.
Just a few short years ago, such experiences were painful and unbearable.
Consider yourself lucky to have advanced medicine, etc.


You can combine general-purpose advice with additional suggestions.
it's always a good idea to keep a huge storage of food and water.
Unfortunately, canned good do NOT have a decades long shelf life.
It's nice to have a shelf of these items which might last a few years.
and, in the past, canned goods could even last four times longer.
But nowadays, aluminum cans are made with inferior materials compared to years ago.

I've personally eaten canned goods which were 6 years old. (still good. but, unpleasant).
and, I've stored powdered protein drink. and, consumed it 16 years later. ( tasted 100% new).
The professional military-style survivalist food is obviously a good investment.

and, as the dentists say, "arm yourself to the teeth". (FIGURATIVELY speaking, of course).
maintain some degree of financial security.
Stick close together with relatives, family, etc.
Okay. You get the message.
Health and well-being is very important.
--- next time, we'll get back to discussing the relevant topics.

More to come ....
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Always know the situation / Mistakes are costly

Postby IQgo » Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:45 pm

This would be considered a minor chapter, here.
But, before beginning; I'd like to do a brief recap of the previous discussion.
Making sure that your health & well-being are in perfect order.
This obviously includes financial stability.

SO, here's a simple point:
Alot of people assume that they're safe from illnesses, disease, accidents, and other mishaps.
They think they'll never be in a plane crash. Or, they'll never get attacked by a mugger,
or, they'll never have heart disease, and they'll never have any on-the-job injuries,
medical malpractice, any other potential hazard.
And, this may be true. BUT, when adding all possible mishaps; this is why it's necessary to keep your guard.
Always take extra precautions. Whether you're a pedestrian, driver, or choosing a healthy lifestyle & diet.
Even little things, such as avoiding too much media & television can enhance your quality of life.
Okay, enough of that. and; we'll move on to other things.

Another winning strategy is thinking before you act.
and, knowing the situation.
For example: The Men's Movement was fully aware that we were constantly being scrutinized.
While our opponents could get away with anything, without repercussion.
And, we fully understood that.
Instead of denying it, we simply worked around it.
Keep that in mind, whenever you're making decisions.

Ironically, I'll give an example pertaining to a Black man.
The guy who attacked Jews waving a machete.
That's obviously a dumb mistake on his part.
Only 6 people were injured. But, look at the consequences.
he's letting them garnish sympathy as a persecuted people.

This "machete Yielding dude" would've done more good by organizing protests.
Blacks should've marched in front of Jewish homes, waving posters calling them "Hypocrites".
They should've had large banners asking "Where are the refugees ?" or, "Bring diversity to Monsey".
or, "refugees welcome here".
This is why HAC always told us to never commit these types of violent acts.
It's not even effective.

This is basic advice.
Bold mistakes are hurtful to our cause.
And, speaking of double-standards:
if this machete attacker was a White Nationalist, it would've proven costly for us.

[ today's article was a minor point. It's just worth reminding everyone.
Sporadic behavior doesn't help our movement. So, Don't give your enemies the satisfaction.]

( This also includes every minor detail, including foul-mouth comments on social media ).
It all stands to make us look bad.
..... More to come .....
My next chapter will be major information.
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