Two Things to Expect Over the Next 20 Years

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Two Things to Expect Over the Next 20 Years

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Minority Rule:
The 1966 Italian documentary Africa Addio highlights exactly what will happen when we become a minority. As soon as the demographic shift occurs and whites drop to 49%, history will repeat itself again. Every time Africans (or nonwhites in general) are freed from the "shackles" of white law the same thing happens. Mass murder, rape, and looting that is directed not only at the white man but at themselves. Haiti, Rwanda, Rhodesia, South Africa, and many more all follow this pattern. In Haiti, the overthrow was orchestrated by self hating whites, mulattoes, and black slaves. When they started they killed all the plantation owners, when there were no more plantation owners they killed the very same whites that helped them, after they killed all the traitor whites they killed all the half breeds. When there was nothing left but blacks they turned it into the veritable cultural paradise it is today. They eat dirt, live in shanties, and the most advanced sanitary system they have is the massive open pit in the middle of town that everyone tosses their shit in. The African masses in this country would have you believe that they would be living in a Wakanda-esque super society if the white man never came along, but the only reason there is a single Haitian alive today is that they are living off of the handouts from the very same people they slaughtered 200 years prior. As soon as they gain power they will be shitting in the streets and eating dirt cakes again in no time.

Watch from 1:48:00 to 2:08:00, pretty good combat vintage combat footage of Rhodies and French liberating white settlers

Black-Hispanic Race War:
When it comes crumbling down, Hispanics and blacks will be fighting each other tooth and nail over the rotting corpse of America. Mexicans have been trying to wipe out blacks from their neighborhoods for decades now. So give them a real excuse to go at it and the Mexicans will be purging anyone darker than they are in no time. Many "traditional" Hispanic communities are obsessed with the idea of La Raza ( the race). They have a saying "advanza la raza" (to advance the race), this means to have children with people of as light a skin tone as possible. Mothers and fathers are overjoyed if their offspring bring home white girlfriends or boyfriends, but if they brought home a black they would be cast out. Unfortunately, the average Mexican is far more racially conscious and nationalistic than the average white, which is leading to the mass miscegenation of the white race. Hispanics are the most likely group to marry out of their race, and they aren't marrying Koreans I can promise you that. The Hispanics in general are trying to claw their way up by bringing our race down. White interracial marriage rates are up 36% since 2000 and (((they))) are touting it as a success of cultural integration. The replacement is happening right now, so fear your sons and daughters mixing with a Hispanic just as much as a black.

This is only one example of escalating interracial violence ... d=13794815

On a side note:
I just found the NWF this week and this is my first post. I would really appreciate if if you guys would point me in the direction of important posts, podcasts, or party literature.

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Re: Two Things to Expect Over the Next 20 Years

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I'm pretty sure I covered this in another thread, but since it was asked here, too, I'll make sure it's covered. The most important material we have is the first two years of RFN and the Northwest Independence Novels.
A. W. Donner

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