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Hello NF.

Postby GLRredpills » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:28 am

Hello NF
31 male , single father , 3 yr old boy , trucker , ex military , combat arms , iraq veteran.

My political awakening to the truth about NS and AH has come gradually over years of stepping stones. I'll try to outline them for you.

I became interested in the state of the world during Obama's presidency probably the beginning of his second term. During the election season I was a heavy user of Reddit politics and worldnews. I have a grandfather that was redpilled on all the truth about Obama and the democrats but i was still asleep at the time. I sort of became addicted to ingesting and reading articles and following happenings on worldnews for years. However after some time i became aggravated with the shilling and the obvious wallpapering of lefty news outlets and the obvious taint and deception that was seeping in.
Somehow I found my way to R/conspiracy and that's when my awakening really took off. I discovered julian assange, Edward Snowden. I got woke on the JQ on r/conspiracy. Fast forward and its election season 2016. I am reading john podestas emails and i am not sleeping , being repeatedly horrified by pizzagate. Im experiencing pizzagate in real time. Whenever a piece of evidence is discovered , shill army appears. Websites go down , threads are getting deleted and buried on R/the_donald. Im learning about the finders and podesta talking in code about murdering scalia. The obvious murder of andrew breitbart connected to podesta. Learn that obama is a murderous faggot , joe biden is a paedophile. Here we go into the clinton foundation trafficking kids out of haiti, uranium one , benghazi , libya . The whole plot to destroy europe with refugees. Its all so overwhelming. James alefantis is a rothschild . Discovering the satanic cults , baphomet worship in the united states.
Start to really get in deep on the JQ on POL. watching murdoch murdoch , learning about blood libels , Tsachs disease, The Talmud , all the countries that kicked out jews throughout history. Starting to sympathise with nazi germany in ww2. Already a huge history buff so much respect for the Reich.
Watching the migrant crisis rip europe apart and destroy her genetics forever. Watching as europeans just sit back and let the rapening happen like it aint no thing. Feeling sick and despair that the united states will probably follow this same slow death. I am worried greatly for my son now. Watching the rise of ANTIFA and all the soros groups and money try to overthrow the presidency. Want to MAGA till I die.
Realizing donald trump isnt the answer. Hes kind of a dope sometimes but hes making some good things happen. Seems to keep evading lefty traps and maybe hes just playing dumb who knows. Seems to be another jew pawn however. Surrounded by jews , israel greatest ally , me facepalming.
Start clicking links in NatSoc general .hitler montage after hitler montage. Me weeping constantly to another hitler montage. Hanging out in ethnostate threads somehow notice Northwest imperative, butler plan. Whats this .jpg . Watching GLR videos on youtube , listening to RFN. Reading the turner diaries , moving onto Mein Kampf.

thats where i am now. I have not read any of harolds novels and I did request an intro packet. I will probably get into the novels soon. I am ready to come home. It wont be so hard for me. I am a truck driver so i can find work anywhere. I would prefer to make myself useful to the party instead of moving out to a shed in the woods.
My personality is logical , longterm planning , strategic minded. I cant really be happy here anymore knowing that im going to miss the show unless im with the NF.

Hail Victory , 14/88 National Socialism.

How & when did you become a White Nationalist? How & when did you find the Northwest Front? Have you read any of the Northwest Independence Novels? Have you requested an Introduction Packet from the Party?
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Re: Hello NF.

Postby andydonner » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:22 pm

Welcome and thanks for the introduction. If it's any help to you, the Northwest Independence Novels are available in PDF format free for the asking.
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Re: Hello NF.

Postby NeillNI » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:55 am

Be prepared to sit reading for days.. they are 'hard to put down' very good!
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