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Hello from the South

Postby IvanCarlson » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:43 pm


The short of how I became a white nationalist is through a long evolution from a full on blue pill beta kid, through the Army, into college, then reading forums that presented information I'd never had accessed otherwise.

I first found the Northwest Front in October. I noticed one of Andy's replies and something about the Flag and his sarcastic wit lead me to inquire further. So I read the information I could access and then requested my packet from Harold. I've been receiving the bulletin and I've listened to RFN first dozen or so episodes on itunes.

I have gotten a few of my, now ex, coworkers talking more openly about racially realistic concepts.

I have not read the Northwest novels and I would appreciate the PDFs.

My current situation:
Last year the head of our department demoted the White Male shift supervisor in order to promote the only Black. She was a ** up before this: late, sometimes missing, with a few nocalls. I was told confidently that they tried to fire her but HR started making demands which went to the top and she got promoted.

After about 6 months of her being the supervisor I stopped being reserved and started being more open about white nationalism and racial realism especially with the openness she and the other blacks were allowed to defame my people with no consequences. I argued, with facts, but that only mattered to the intelligent people in the room, most of whom were not. Defending against ad-hominem attacks and the slanderous rumors got old. Explaining myself to keep a job working for people I dislike wasn't worth it.

I got to a breaking point with all of this and quit. It was a rash decision. The dread of going into that building and engaging hostile elements again along with everything else that happened; car broke down, sewage backup that literally shot shit all over my bathrooms, the first long cold sent the field mice inside, the furnace stopped blowing heat, and my dryer broke all in a two week timespan.

I've decided I'm coming home. I'm bringing my family of four which we plan on expanding further. I would like to leave at the end of February. I make a modest innate income that can cover rent, food, and utilities where I live. I've since discovered that it is almost doubles the cost of living in most areas where you guys live. So now I'm searching a bit more rural. For fear of the nanny state and cps we can not take off without a place to occupy upon arrival.

We may have to wait until this October after harvest/market season but I would rather get the move over and start getting into the struggle up there.
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Re: Hello from the South

Postby andydonner » Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:44 pm


Have you requested your introduction packet from the Party? Granted, if you're about to move, now is probably the wrong time, but I figured I'd bring it up regardless. I've sent the Northwest Independence Novels along via email. Is there any chance you emailed Harold about this one a few days ago, or was that someone else? I ask because your case seems almost identical to something else that came across our metaphorical desk this week.

In the mean time, I note that you're looking more rural but that's not quite where the opportunities are (unless you're bringing your own business with you, or can work at something remotely.) And do bear in mind that wages tend to increase, too, though not quite at the same pace as the cost of housing. I can't recommend you write off the larger areas unless you're certain you can economically function in some small area.

Good luck otherwise and stay in touch.
A. W. Donner
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Re: Hello from the South

Postby IvanCarlson » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:17 am

I expect that I am that person. I registered a different email per the no real names rule. And I've read through the introduction packet.

I have a decent innate income that could allow me not to work, for the Jews profit system, if I can find a cheapish home. I was expecting to be able to wait for tax returns to head out.

However the situation has deteriorated beyond reparations.

On 29JAN18 my wife called me at work, our house was flooding with feces. I had her call the landlord. He put my family up in a hotel for two days (we stayed a third that I paid for due to carpets not being dry yet but I was willing to take that loss), took care of it, and moved us back in. Then it happened again within a week to a lesser degree as only the bathtubs flooded with feces.

On Friday the landlord was burning the property behind us and my wife made a cheeky post along the lines of 'If he didn't burn our house down after this (poop pic), imagine what had to go on in there!'

A former sanitation worker informed us about the hazards of non-decaying feces especially in the ventilation system and advised we take pictures and get out immediately.

I put my family in a hotel on Saturday night, removed our valuable items, and I informed the landlord on Sunday.

After some texts back and forth he admitted to not informing us of his septic limitations and then suggested we just vacate with him prorating rent. If I get my deposit and half months rent back we will immediately be on our way out with a few pit stops for sights on the way.
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Re: Hello from the South

Postby BookEphesians » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:34 pm

I am glade to read that you are making the migration.
As for your job, heck I lost mine due to standing up
for our people like that. Let's just say a jew was involved.
I was born and raised in Washington all my life. If you like
rain, gray sky, motions, good beer, high taxes you will love
Western Washington. XD I am very fortunate to have a
loving family to fall back on while I proceed to look for
work. We're a strong and noble people. My good faith
goes towards you and your kin. Hail Victory Bruder. ❤
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Re: Hello from the South

Postby IvanCarlson » Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:13 pm

Currently in Ohio. Stopping to let my kids visit with grandma.

We have accommodations for the next week. It appears that Eugene Oregon will be our destination.

Thank you all for the well wishes.
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