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Hello Friends!

Postby Heritage » Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:44 am

Hi everyone. I recently found this group and have been listening to the podcasts regularly for the past few months. After browsing the forum for a bit, I thought I'd introduce myself to all you lovely people.

About myself
My name is Abraham Silverstein and I'm a lawyer for the ADL.

Just kidding. I'm a 26yo huWhite man very interested in this movement. I come from a large traditional family of primarily Anglo-Saxon ancestry, with Danish, Dutch, and Norse mixed in. Originally from central CA, after living in several parts of the US, I currently reside in the Salt Lake City area. I was actually planning to settle down in Oregon before I ever heard of the Northwest Front, so this works out quite well. I lived in the PNW for a couple years when I was in the military and really liked it. The climate, the geography, the greenery, and the relative cleanliness compared to other parts of the country.

At the moment I'm considering the following areas: Florence>Reedsport>Coos Bay>Newport>Tillamook>Lincoln City>Cannon Beach>Astoria ....somewhere on the Oregon coast.

I would like to live near and associate with like minded people, and more easily participate in get togethers and whatnot. As I search for property and careers in my field online, I would like to take into consideration where other folks are spread.

How did I find the Northwest Front?
There was a Red Ice interview with another white identity group in the PNW called Cascadia. When I scrolled through the comments someone mentioned the Northwest Front as another movement. I looked it up, browsed the website, read the draft constitution (I have some ideas to discuss with y'all someday), and started watching Northwest Front clips on youtube. No, I've not read the novels yet.

How did I become a White Nationalist?

Well, I was never a leftist of any kind, always somewhere far right. I was a big Ron Paul supporter back in 2008-2012, read lots of libertarian literature and tried to rationalize ways it could save this sinking ship. Since then I've come to understand there is no peaceful political solution. Canada, US, and Western Europe are demographic time bombs; we're past the statistical point of no return. I've come to terms with the fact that the only way to save ourselves is mass restructuring. The future brings violence and unrest, whether we like it nor not.

I learned about the banking systems and international clique at a young age. Overtime I came to understand the racket of the warfare state and military industrial complex. From there it was 9/11 and thorough government corruption. Then came the lies of history, the Jews and their propaganda, manufactured degeneracy, programmed masses, immigration and white genocide, greater racial awareness, the bell curve, holohoax, etc., etc. Consider me fully redpilled and white pilled.

I don't want my future children to be raped like the girls in Sweden. I don't want my grandchildren to have the same fate as the Afrikaners or worse. I don't want to hear a call to prayer played in the streets. I don't want to see the white world slowly fall to a brown tide. I don't want our race to quietly, pathetically disappear, and I will gladly fight to make the 14 words a reality.

Our ancestors struggled for thousands of years to bring us to the present day. Some generations were burdened with unimaginable hardship. They contended with disease, famine, enormous foreign invasions...They fought mongols, communists, islam, and others.

The soft, easy living we have today is a result of their sacrifices; we have not earned it. While we've lived in relative peace and comfort for decades, the world and the future has been subverted and greatly jeopardized. Our people, our cultures, our values, our histories, and our posterity now all hang in the balance. They are in as great a danger as they ever were in our ancestors' times.

We must recognize the awful situation we were born into, what must be done, and the work and suffering it will entail. We must accept the tremendous burden we were given, or we must surrender everything. Everything. Everything rests on us. It's an unpleasant thought, but the sooner we swallow hard and accept our task, the better we can prepare ourselves. This is our charge.

Like our forebears, we are tasked with fighting a murderous and abominable global elite and the barbaric hordes they have unleashed upon us. We all know what is coming--the violence, unrest, unstable civilization, etc. Wake up who you can. Like strong men and women, we will do what must be done. Above all, we must never despair and must persevere through everything to come. Perseverance is key.

I was happy to find Harold's voice on the internet; it was refreshing to hear someone with some balls organizing something tangible. Ultimately, white preservationists MUST come together; all the talking in the world will not save us. If we are all spread out it won't change anything.
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Re: Hello Friends!

Postby andydonner » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:42 am


Thanks for hitting the high points. Do note the novels are available in PDF format free for the asking. Have you started the contact process?

Take care.
A. W. Donner
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Re: Hello Friends!

Postby Heritage » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:31 pm

Not yet. It will be at least 2 or 3 years before I can move out to Oregon. But if that's not a problem I might as well request an intro packet now.
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Re: Hello Friends!

Postby Hammerheart » Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:32 pm

Re: "There is no peaceful solution"
There is no peaceful solution solely because the other groups (other ethnicities/races & the jews) will not allow a peaceful solution. A peaceful solution (in purely ideal theory) could be arranged tomorrow, if anyone really wanted it, but they don't want it. That's what the denial of white racial awareness etc really means. It's very important to bear that in mind, & to throw it back in the opposition's face at every opportunity.
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