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Postby GOH » Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:14 am

Several years ago I was very close to my own death, after the struggle to fit in.... I was literally at the end of my own ability and that was a result of luck. I hadn't yet been lucky enough to hear a voice I could understand. I remember discovering a YouTube clip of Harold and I'm sure it forced me to sit up to listen and watch, and I'm sure my mouth would have opened in surprise.
Without going into the details of my life I can put it simple, I was fucked.
Harold said what needed to be said, and the positivity in his direction of thought staggered me into a belief in myself and my own ability when all the bullshit and rhetoric the world had spat at me had ended my hope as I lay across my couch day after day feeling myself dying, at 30 years old.
His words turned back on the light in my brain, and although I don't understand 'Nigger' and 'Kite', our problems in Australia are minimal in comparison, I completely understood the plight of my race and how my awareness was dooming me.
In Australia as in everywhere else it seems to me, there is one simplified factor driving it all..... people don't know the difference between 'Race' and 'Ethnicity'. We're told not to be racist when actually what is meant is don't be ethnist. We are in fact all racist.

Anyway I left the North West Movement aside roughly 4 years ago after Harold saved my life, before I even got involved, even though I was fratically searching how to get myself there from Australia. Mostly left it aside to get my life together and check back in later if my sane mind would still be interested....

Since then I married a woman with a half Aboriginal son, but please read on, we tell him that he belongs to the Australian race, we teach him as much as possible about the difference between Blackfella's, Blacks, and ethnic heritage, already preparing him for the life he is unable to avoid living and because he's my step-son I have that responsibilty and I care about him and my responsibility.

My wife and I are racist, ethnist, and highly educated in this philosophy. We know what a race is and what an ethnicity is, to our fullest ability and therefore I support the prospect of the North West Front. I want it to happen, but I cant' bare to think about the bloodshed and fighting that could happen.....though it probalby won't, the prospect is acheivable and I believe it will happen a lot easier than most imagine it can.

I want a racist homeland to develop even though I won't be coming there now, with the freedom to maintain a race and the right to believe in one's race.

So 4 years later I felt drawn to check in and see how you're all going with the plan. And I learn Harold died less than 2 weeks ago, and I start crying, properly crying.

I have 2 other sons who I made with my wife. One due in October, the other 18mths old. My wife and I are both German/English/Irish/Scottish/Nordic. (Thanks Harold).
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