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Ready to Help, Eh?

Postby Woodsman » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:20 pm

Hello all. I am a young fella living in the cesspool that is Vancouver Canada.

How did you become a white nationalist?
A Spaniard I met online told me that the migrant crisis wasn't just a "right wing conspiracy" as I had been told and explained how bad things were there. Then he pointed me to /pol/ on 4chan. That got me desensitized to "Nazi memes" and making fun of jews, but the content degraded rather quickly (today the place is nothing but nigger porn spam and GUBU even Harold couldn't have imagined) so I made the jump to 8chan's /pol/ which is where I received the majority of my racial education. I think I jumped in during the last of that place's glory days, because now 8/pol/ no longer contains that cornucopia of infographics, charts, book downloads, links and videos that it used to. It woke me up to a great deal of many things, although for the longest time I resisted fully believing in the JQ because I didn't want to become "one of those people." But repetition and investigating the jewish origin of every CEO and spokesperson that appeared in the news finally wore me down, until one day I realized "Well, I guess I'm already a Nazi." From then I've been just lurking news and learning as much as I could, and it became clear to me that there was no way to "vote our way out." As you can imagine, it was very demoralizing and depressing. I saw the horrible hell everything was heading towards, but it seemed every "solution" that could or had been tried was a dead end and there was no hope. What reversed this trend was finding out there was one model that could work.

How did you find the Northwest Front
Somebody posted on 8/pol/ in a discussion of the fall of Ironmarch that the NF uses a cell structure so that if a cell is infiltrated only a few people get taken in, and the rest keep fighting. I looked at a quick Wikipedia of Harold Covington which described all the places he'd been and thought "Wow, these guys actually sound serious. I better check them out." And then I proceeded to forget about the NF until a few months later when a thread memorializing the death of HAC was posted on 8/pol/, in which there was further discussion of the NF and somebody posted the pdf files of all the northwest novels (at the time the novels weren't available for free on and I had a habit of scooping up files you can't get anywhere else when they get posted on the chans).

Have you read any of the Northwest Independence Novels?
The discussion of the NF's plan in the thread interested me, so I downloaded the novels and started with The Brigade. Boy, HAC was one hell of a writer! I laughed, I cheered, at one point I even cried. Those novels are something truly powerful. And more importantly, they showed me a model by which we could secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Maybe the NF won't succeed, maybe they will, but just to know that it was possible and that we had a working model with historical precedent filled me with hope and burned away the endless despair like a blazing sun.

Have you received a copy of the Northwest Migration Manual?
I believe I got my hands on a pdf copy of the third edition MM at one point, but no I haven't. In fact, I haven't made contact with the party until now. Part of it was because I wasn't in the homeland area and decided - as per Harold's broadcasts - that since the NF is predicated on the physical act of migration then I couldn't begin helping until I moved down to the homeland. And given the US's immigration laws and the fact that I'm poor as dirt, migration didn't seem to be in the cards for a while. But I decided that while I was stuck here I could at least try and repeat what attracted me to the NF and talk about it on 8chan in hopes that another like me would first hear about the NF and begin investigating. I've also been listening to as much RFN as I can, and I've found HAC to be like the grandfather I never had. His wisdom and advice on character have been slowly filling me with a strength and determination that I was never taught but now I wish I had gained so long ago. And it is this that has influenced me most of all to realize that I cannot keep promoting the NF while not being involved in it myself, or I'd be a hypocrite and a coward.

So consider this my first contact request. I would have used the old earthlink email but I know in the Dec 13th RFN broadcast Andy said he doesn't want people using the old address as much any more, so here I am. I'd love to receive an intro packet like HAC used to send out back in the day, but I understand the party's current situation so I'd be happy just to receive the latest edition of the whitebook and anything else you can send me via email. I'll also be happy to spill more of my personal story and details via email rather than the insecure and public forum here.
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Re: Ready to Help, Eh?

Postby andydonner » Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:08 pm

Welcome! And while its true that physical introduction packets aren't a thing right now, I also note that you're in ZOG Canuckistan. Since our politics are actually against public policy there, we likely wouldn't have sent you physical mail at all purely on safety grounds. I'll see what I can do about getting you hooked up by email.
And for what its worth, residence in BC and Alberta is generally considered fair play since, at least in theory, we want both of those territories.
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