Canadian NF promotional YouTube videos

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Canadian NF promotional YouTube videos

Postby omegavon » Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:22 am

Hey Volks. I've been in the movement quite a few years , been to some marches helped organize events and even made some good propaganda videos on YouTube, with quite a few good responses. I was hoping to get the chance to start working on some for the NF. I know I have not proved myself to the NF yet, but I hope to change that. I by no means plan on making
And posting a video until it is approved by senior members of the movement. I have made 3 real good videos 2 of which have been banned first in germany, ( no surprise) then here. I've managed to find one of my old videos uploaded by someone else. I had spent at least one to two weeks on each video and also had someone to help edit. I'm very much a perfectionist when it some to my videos, But that's what it takes to stir something in someone. Most people nowadays seem to initially or sometimes only respond to electronic stimulus.
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This is the only video I could find that wasn't taken down.
Hope you enjoy and I hope there are more like it.
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Re: Canadian NF promotional YouTube videos

Postby andydonner » Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:00 pm

I've noticed a very odd dichotomy in most aspects of life that also holds true in cases of asking for permission or approval. Generally, the people who really need to be supervised or have their stuff approved aren't willing to do so while those who are conscientious enough to make sure their material is acceptable are probably doing a fine job without any addition input. Also, we don't actually have members and therefore, no one "senior" is going to give you the "yea" or "nay." If there's a specific question you have about something you want to put in a video, though, it's probably worth asking since if you're wondering about it, others are as well.
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Re: Canadian NF promotional YouTube videos

Postby omegavon » Fri Oct 17, 2014 12:02 am

Thank you for clarification on the subject. However my need to ask permission was simply out
Of respect. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of some moron making a really stupid and perhaps counter productive
Video and plastering the name of a movement, which people have been genuinely trying to move forward. Sacrificing lots of time, effort, and probably In some cases, money.
Sorry about the earlier post. I should know the difference between a movement and an organization.
I guess a better approach would be to show the videos, and see what people in the movement think about it. Call it Constructive criticism. :)
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