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This is for Canadian specific discussions.
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Spread Word About Forum

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It strikes me that our Canadian comrades are very short on internet discussion space where they can speak freely, and I can see a little more latitude being allowed here due to the repressive laws in the Great White North, but keep it on-topic. This isn't a place to bitch and moan about how horrible things are for White people in Canada, as horrible as that is ... the purpose is to talk about the solution, which is migration out of the cesspool that is Ontario and into the clean(er) White(r) spaces of Alberta and B.C.

My understanding is that things still aren't quite as bad there as they are down here or in Ontario. Is this correct?

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Re: Spread Word About Forum

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Yes Harold, things are much better in western Canada than in the east. I've Lived in Ontario and I have to say it is quite the cesspool, even most of the white people there are too far gone. And yes you are right all people seem to do is bitch and whine. It gets sickening to hear over and over

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