BC attorney general quits

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BC attorney general quits

Postby germaniajim » Sat Aug 20, 2011 1:59 am

Has anyone else out there think it strange that Mr. Penner suddenly ups and says he wants out, so as to spend more time with the family, of all things, That might go over in the land of Barbie and Ken,but in this day and age, one wonders what he saw or heard that would make him want out so bad! Perhaps he wasnt happy about the scamming going on in the govt circles, or jew interests taking a front seat in the political arena, If this is the case, perhaps Mr.Penner, being of mennonite parentage, like myself, thought he just couldnt go on looking tthe other way, and stay true to his ideals at the same time, If indeed, he ever had any!
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