Comrade Hughes

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Comrade Hughes

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I know this is an older story but I thought some of the newer comrades might be interested. ... ce175fd411" onclick=";return false; ... -jeff.html" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Comrade Hughes

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Thank you for this information , Comrade Hughes will be in our thoughts daily .

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Re: Comrade Hughes

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I didn't know Jeff Hughes very well; I only met him a few times.

I had flipped from liberal to net-nazi my first year of college a couple years earlier when I met Jeff in Nanaimo in 2006 (maybe 2005 now I 'm not positive). When I first saw this guy he was doing volunteer work and I noticed something interesting about him that I wouldn't have recognized a couple years earlier.

In Canada, especially on the Left coast, it's so Politically Correct that nobody knows what a skinhead looks like and most people don't even know what one is. Jeff used to walk around fully decked out in boots and bracers and interact with people normally, chat with old ladies, et cetera, and nobody noticed anything. It was a priceless thing to see.

When I saw his red laces I started to think about something a guy claiming to be from Nanaimo had posted on Stormfront about being banned from school district property for flyering windshields; I don't know why I suspected it was him. I won't get into the specifics of the situation but I took a deep breath, walked up to the guy and started up a conversation. I asked him about the environmental organization he was volunteering for. I asked him about his tattoo, which was in German; he said he got it when he was young and stupid and in the Canadian military; it was a "German Battle Tactic". I then stuttered, looked away for a second, gulped, and then asked him flat out if he was nish_in_exile.

Jeff Hughes was and is the only White Nationalist I have ever met in person; I feel lucky that I got to sample the best. He was open, respectful, honest, selfless, direct, and kind. He really inspired me as to what kind of person a National Socialist in this day and age should be. He really was the kind of person everyone liked and respected.

I met up with him for coffee a couple of times, and learned a few of the differences between the internet and the older movement which was more about "street presence". I learned a little about the facet of the movement he supported which was still called the NPA back then; I thought it sounded like a good idea but I didn't think much of it because I hadn't read about it on Stormfront.

Jeff gave me a burned CD with some WN music samples, a ripped copy of Triumph of the Will in a jewel case with a very professionally done original cover, and a small handwritten note in the jewel case about how to disable the english commentary and play the film in German with english subtitles. I still have those. He also gave me a couple of pages out of what I think was the first edition whitebook; I am ashamed to say they have been lost in stacks of paper somewhere in a dozen moves and I don't think I have them anymore.

I didn't get to know Jeff that well because that year I was on my way off to a thousand miles away for my career plans. Jeff asked me not to drop off Stormfront but I did. I stand very firmly behind the idea that allowing people a forum to hash stuff out and banter and learn from others when they awaken serves a very important function. But, I had gotten an intellectual nights lodging on Stormfront for a couple of years to figure out where I stood, and I came to the conclusion that I couldn't do anything about White Genocide until I'd undergone a lot of self-improvement anyway so I needed to focus on myself. That was and still is my excuse for slinking out and vanishing.

I had been in and out of the area in the last year or so and I was thinking i should look Jeff up and get some contact info for some real people... and I came upon some NF youtube videos. It didn't take long from there for me to find out what happened.

I'm still growing character-wise but, you know, when I feel I'm strong enough to throw my life away for an idea, if I were to die for Harold's idea, I would at least want an NVA rank and a black beret and some leather gloves and a Tricolor in my coffin when I'm buried. Bloody hell, man.

I hope I make it to Valhalla to see you Jeff. I don't qualify to drink with you there yet.

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Re: Comrade Hughes

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We're always glad to get stories like that here, but I need to clarify one matter. We're not looking for people to throw their lives away for an idea; we're looking to get people to live their lives in service of an idea. Don't get too fatalistic! ;)
A. W. Donner

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