Edmonton, Alberta

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Edmonton, Alberta

Postby Ehren » Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:48 am

Just to give a heads up to comrades North of the border, as of April of this year I'll be arriving in Edmonton, which is basically central Alberta but from Calgary is just a stone's toss away from the Montana border. It's as close as I can do for now, which isn't all that bad considering I will be coming from Central Canada (Southern Ontario) , which is a two day's drive to Edmonton. To any one out east who might be reading this, and have considered coming home, Edmonton is the best place to settle in all of Western North America as far as blue collar jobs are concerned. The potential here is astronomical and with the extra money, you can contribute some generous fundage to the movement if you desirest so. It may not be as close to the Pacific coast as you might want, but as I said before, Montana is South, and B.C. is just over the Columbia mountains, so geographically it is an ideal location.
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