Defensible Area General

This section is for discussing the Northwest Front, its mission and projects.
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Defensible Area General

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Has there been any discussion or analysis about defensibility? I get folks who worry about how its too hazardous to assemble in one area, blah, blah - you know the story. Leaving aside the obvious ways to discussing that, has the precise question of "how defensible is the territory" been discussed anywhere? It would be useful to consolidate that, just so we do have it available when needed.

I'm no military expert and would do a poor job at faking it if I tried to start analyzing this myself.

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Re: Defensible Area General

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The first step in the Butler plan is for people to actually migrate here to the Homeland and set up their normal life (place to live, job, kids in school). In other words, being mundane. Step two is to network with those in your area who are like minded. This is a bit tricky as one has to come out a little bit to find others. Currently we are in these first birthing stages.

I would strongly steer people away from mass public demonstrations as it does bring undue attention and messes with that mundane life. As more people migrate and network we can reach a tipping point and start worrying about taking action. As far as Defense Plans, that is, for now, strictly up to the individual or small group. Joining up with local militia groups can be a great source of training, but you have to be sure to keep a low profile. If your face is plastered all over ANTIFA's web presence with Nazi tattoos or dressed up in some costume, it will totally defeat the purpose.

If you read Harold's Northwest Independence series with an eye for HOW they accomplish goals, you'll see that decompartmentalized, small unit tactics tend to win the day. This is why organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban haven't been actually defeated in 20 years of war against them. But until we reach the numbers of people actually in the Homeland, working to further the goals of the NF and the Butler plan, we should consider the only current "defense plan" to be keeping a very low profile and simply living and networking. Sadly too many people who give lip service to the NF and migration simply sit on their butts, talking all day long on the internet and never get their bodies moved to the homeland.

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Re: Defensible Area General

Post by Rico »

Really, this image should put an end to all the "We can't concentrate in one area" talk.


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Re: Defensible Area General

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Some years back, I started suspecting most people don't know what the Pacific Northwest is. I've tried to explain that it's bigger than most countries in the world, but that doesn't seem to register. Oh well.

The most basic definition of "defensible" means being able to repel attacks. In turn, this very much depends on the manner and quantity of attack in question. Consider what sorts of attacks a failing, multi-racial empire will be able to deliver once the entire enlisted and lower officer ranks are black, brown, or otherwise PC. In the long run, I'm really not too worried about it.
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