Because No One Stands Up For Us

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Because No One Stands Up For Us

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"Why must we do this?" you ask. Because no one stands up for us, and because no one will. Every other group gets special help to advance their people - but not us. You cannot even say a word about the other groups that may be remotely interpreted as negative by them without risk of harassment, job loss, or worse. We all know that freedom of speech doesn't actually exist except for lip service to the idea. Even many white people don't think we should be allowed to say things that could be "racist."

As the other now numerous groups of foreigners and other "minorities" gain more power and control over OUR COUNTRY that was built by OUR PEOPLE,we have less and less of a say in the direction of our society and culture. We now have Buttfucker marriage, legal dope shops, leftist government propaganda forced on our kids, and 20 or 30 million illegal aliens that not one white politician will do a thing about. Donald Trump says we're losing our country - I say we've already lost it. It doesn't even resemble in the slightest way what it was 50 years ago before the insanity started.

Democracy doesn't work in the long run anywhere (and let's not quibble over the idea of a republic, because this isn't one. Mass public opinion basically travels through the Congress as if it were a pipeline. Unless it's NSA spying or things of that nature that people are too ignorant about). Think about voting for a minute. Does it really reflect an informed public that has any business in charting a course of a great nation? Maybe if all the citizens ARE informed and have common values, norms, and ideas about what's important. But we don't have that. We have ignoramuses who get their ideas from comedians and leftist-controlled instututions (schools, the media, etc).

You know America is finished when a vote from a ghetto mama or an illegal alien counts just as much as an independent-thinking, working white man or woman with a PhD. In ancient Greece, only a small, informed class could vote. So let's not point to them. In this country, after the revolution, the founders thought the system would only work if the people were religious and ethical. So obviously that's out the window.

No one stands up for us as whites. What is wrong with standing up for ourselves? NOTHING!! We need to start doing it. We need to come to a part of the country where we still have a large majority, and be ready for the collapse of this disgusting and repulsive system. Maybe then we'll stand up for ourselves.

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