RFN 04 07 16 - Closing Transcript

This section is for discussing the Northwest Front, its mission and projects.
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RFN 04 07 16 - Closing Transcript

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Starts at RFN 04 07 16 @ 41:48

Covington speaks on NWF activity:

"Okay, let's get back to last weeks topic: my ideal Northwest Front, which we could in fact create once I got my first one thousand class A migrants, settled here in the homeland.

Now, what you need to understand is that a lot of this- if not most of it- has already been covered in the party manual, the White Book. Now don't worry, I'm not going to just sit here and read the manual to you guys, but I will go over what it says there, because this is actually pretty much how I'd like to see things done.

The Butler Plan consists of four broad aspects or phases, ready to go, whenever you guys decide you want to do this thing for real. Now right now, I'll just deal with the first one or two phases.

These phases are not nailed to any given time frame so as much as they deal with levels of activity going on at a given time, and there may be party units and elements around the homeland that are involved with issues relating to any or all of these phases. At the same time there will be a lot of overlap.

Now Phase One is the creation of communities and party units. This is basically what we need the migrants for. I constantly get this feedback about how I or somebody up here is supposed to magically convert all the local people to Northwest nationalism and separatism so as to create a safety net and support system for you outsiders to come sashaying on in, and you'll find all the heavy lifting done, the picnic tables all set up and the cakes and ale set out and waiting for you.

Now that, in fact, is pretty much the reverse of what has to happen. The migrants have to come first and form small units or groups which will serve as a support system for one or two active people per unit who will then begin working among the local people to make sure those activists are able to survive. Realistically, this will mean some form of financial bullet-proofing to make sure that our actives cannot be silenced, In short it means cadres of full-time party organizers, who are paid a minimal- if not necessarily minimum- wage, so that they can keep a roof over their heads, and keep those plates of beans and rice coming.

Now it may mean a provision of accommodation in the form of a mattress on the floor of some rented room. That is how I started out on staff in Arlington, and that is in fact kind of how I lived for a large part of my life. Yes, I am fully aware of the doubts that many of you have about this type arrangement, and the reluctance to provide anything at all. I assure you I am very much aware of the potential problems it can cause. But something of the kind is going to have to come, because the party can't function if anybody on our side who opens their mouth in public about race or politics is going to be fired from their job and evicted from their rented rooms the next day.

This is how the system controls our people, and their iron grip on our lives through employment and the pay check has to be broken. Now back in the middle ages, there was a superstition that hummingbirds never ate, but they lived off the morning dew. That's not true for hummingbirds, and it's not true for people. Nobody lives off morning dew. Someone has to pay for that roof and that mattress and those plates of beans and rice. Somebody actually has to take money out of their pocket and transfer that money to the party or otherwise use it for it a racial purpose.

That's what ten by one thousand is for, and remember we're assuming that we've achieved that. Now do I have to explain that again? I think I did a few months ago.

Anyway, in this fantasy world that we're speaking of, where I have my first thousand class A's and we're doing the ten by one thousand program, we will have a minimum base income of $320,000 per year, and allowing for outside donors and various serendipitous revenue, most likely more than that; let's say half a mil. That will buy some roofs to put over Caucasian heads and a lot of beans and rice and Hamburger Helper.

Now, the White Book speaks of two different local entities in the homeland itself: a community and a party unit. The manual defines a white nationalist's community in the homeland as any area with a minimum of twelve non-dysfunctional adult white nationalists living within half an hours drive of one another, who are aware of each other's existence and who regularly meet and interact personally, not on the internet. In actual practice we have yet to achieve any communities with the full complement of twelve adults, but there are circles of people in various parts of the homeland now, and we're making glacially slow progress toward that level.

Now these communities will eventually serve as the base, the foundation for everything the NF does. They will be accomplished to some degree through local recruiting within the homeland. But more and more- as time goes on and the local party units begin operating in a given area- but at first primarily through the re-location of the migrants from outside- existing racially conscious white people.

So what is a unit? A Northwest Front unit, in theory, is a group of at least three non-dysfunctional, adult white nationalists, who are resident in the homeland, who live within half an hours drive from one another, and who act in concert to achieve the goals of the party and bringing the republic into existence.

Now remember, we're talking theory now. But this is entirely practical and doable. There's no reason that this theory can't become practice if you guys ever decide that you want to get serious about all this.

Now, there's another individual whose pretty typical of where we are now, and that is the contact. A Northwest Front contact is a single individual, resident within the homeland, who agrees to allow his or her name and contact information, including a physical mailing address such as a post office box, to be published and distributed to interested parties. The contact agrees to assist incoming settlers relocating into their area of the northwest and also engages in political and other activities on behalf of the party to bring the republic into existence. Now I know, I promised I wouldn't just sit here and read the manual, but that about sums it up.

Mostly what we have now is contacts, people who are living isolated and alone in an area, and who really do want to meet you and try and persuade you to move into their area so they'll have some company. To repeat, the individual contact will have two main functions:

Number one, to follow up on inquiries regarding the Northwest Front, which originate from white people in their area; that is to meet personally with inquirers and assess them as potential racial activists-

And number two: to assist white people from the outside in making northwest migration to their area. Now he or she must be someone who resides in the northwest homeland, either because they were born there or because they made northwest migration themselves. These people must be personally known, through as extensive a history of face-to-face acquaintance and interaction as possible. This old-style movement practice of listing unknown, lone individuals with nothing but a post office box and sometimes only an email address, people whom no one has ever laid eyes on, as so called units? No way, Jose; no-no-no finito. We've grown out of the membership cards. Now that needs to be the next thing we grow out of.

The individual contact will need to provide general headquarters with a physical mailing address, a phone number, and an email address. While these contact details may or may not be published openly on the internet or elsewhere, depending on individual's wishes and depending on the overall political strategic conditions, this information will be released on an individual basis to people who get in touch with the NF.

A physical mailing address is a must to enable off-internet communication. A post office box is fine for our contact's actual mailing address.

Now there's another aspect to this. Once we get our first thousand class As up here and we've got ten by one thousand going and our secret six become the secret six hundred or so, and the checkbooks finally open so we can buy what we need if it's something our own activists can't supply, the Northwest Front will establish something called the Northwest Agency, similar in scope and purpose to the Jewish Agency that handled and still handles the bulk of Jewish immigration to Israel.

The Northwest Agency will not concern itself so much with politics or propaganda issues, except in a very limited way to convince potential migrants of the necessity to come home. This agency will provide information, advice and various kinds of practical assistance in regard to the re-location of racially conscious whites.

I myself now have two remaining personal goals in life. I'm almost certainly done with writing. The PR and secretarial stuff has overwhelmed me. I haven't written anything for a year and a half now, and even when I last did, it was my purely commercial garbage book which failed because I don't have time to do my own sales promotion.

Anyway, these two goals of mine I mentioned are to establish a general headquarters for the party, where we can finally and long last raise the tri-color flag into the sky of our Pacific Northwest homeland. And the second goal is to establish the Northwest Agency, to bring white migration into the homeland. I would very much like to leave both of these institutions functional and viable, when I get forced out of things by whatever eventually forces me out.

I can't accomplish these two goals, but you guys can if you decide that you want to. I keep trying to tell you: you can do anything you want to do, but you kind of have to- well, you know- do it.

Okay, moving right along here to the subject of party units in the first two or three phases.

When units become a reality, the Northwest Front has to engage in massive, serious propaganda and missionary work in the homeland itself among native Northwesterners and organic migrants. That's those who come here out of racial motivations but not political ones. We have to win local white people to our side.

Now I'm laying aside the crystal ball at the moment because we simply don't know enough yet about what's going to be happening. I'm serious, this Trump thing is the joker in the deck. Donald Trump could finally kick over the table.

Now, at some point in time, Americans are going to have to learn how to do cell structure. Because the penalty for not doing it and for continuing to operate as if we're with local JCs will be prison, torture or death. We will learn cellular organization or we will die, and I mean that literally. Ask Ed Steele and LaVoy Finicum about that.

Our people are going to have to learn how to actually conceal what they're doing from the secret police. We're going have to make sure that the brain is in gear before opening the mouth, as a matter of standard operating procedure. Now that's going to be very hard for Americans who are not used to restraining any impulse at all. A lot of party people will be required to conceal their identity and their affiliations, I get that. But there will have to be a cadre- or whatever you want to call it- of full time NF people whose job is to act as the public face of the party.

This, once again, is where the financial bullet-proofing comes in, and I will be interested to see how the enemy reacts when they realize that the thousand class A migrants who have come to the northwest have essentially neutralized their primary weapon against white dissent by kicking in a mere ten dollars a month to provide bullet proofed public activists for the Northwest Front

And yeah, it can be done. It can be done with a little over twenty percent of the people who are listening to this show this week, if I can persuade you to get your asses in gear.

Now, I understand this will be a difficult task, made increasingly difficult the more people who are involved. We're trying to create a revolution, not a social club or a bowling team. We have to re-condition our minds and eliminate our ingrained American urge to picnic and party.

Americans are no good at revolution. We've only tried it twice, in 1775 and 1861, and in both cases we were lead by the educated upper classes. Revolution from below is something that Americans have never attempted before, and it will require a transformation of character of a kind that the vast majority of our people will never be able to make. The urge to picnic and party is too strong in us.

But those open spokesman have to be just the tip of the iceberg. The main political work of the NF will require an organizational structure of small cells, never numbering more than five or six people. Each of these cells must be capable of taking action independently of the others.

Always remember, the Northwest Front is a legal movement that must act as if were an illegal one. We have a right to speak and write and advocate our views. But those are rights that the dictatorship does not want people with our color skin to exercise. And when the federal government of the United States doesn't want people to do something, legal or not, they can be very persuasive.

Now ideally, only family members and long time acquaintances with a known track record and history of trustworthiness should make up an active cell of the Northwest Front. Provisional IRA cells are often composed of blood relatives, as the IRA is a family tradition in some parts of Ireland. Unfortunately, we wont have that tradition with all the new people we're bringing in; it'll be necessary to recruit new members. But this must be done with tact and careful selection.

Remember, this is precisely the type of resistance movement that the more intelligent elements among the regime fear most. They've never figured out how to deal with this type of movement, not in Iraq, nowhere. It has no straight up-and-down hierarchical structure, so it can't be unraveled or betrayed at the top. Past a certain point, it's cells are too small and become too many to infiltrate. A handful of dedicated, political soldiers, no more than four or five, can create an impenetrable, cohesive and effective weapon against the tyranny we face. A single, highly motivated individual or lone wolf can also take action on his own.

And this is what we have to aim for, units that can function on their own in case the general headquarters is taken out. We not only have to bring people to the northwest, but we have to give them something to do when they get here. Preferably, something besides go back to sitting behind a computer terminal and playing on the internet. They could have done that back in Jacksonville or Chicago.

We don't want newcomers to arrive here and end up with the Devil making work for idle hands. And this is where the local NF units come in. One of our primary jobs here in the homeland will be to prepare reception areas and set up absorption procedures for new migrants. The NF units in the northwest will be very occupied with migrant absorption, but they're also going to have to engage in the task of initiating and organizing political and propaganda efforts, the traditional movement-type activity that many of us are accustomed to, minus the costumes and standing in the street waving the silly signs.

Now this is where it finally gets to the fun part. Once we've finally got the cash and we've got the bodies, then there are enough of us to form at least small herds that white boys can hide in. Eventually local activity here will generate enough publicity, or at least enough internet buzz, so that word will get out that there's something going on in the northwest that's real and off-internet and it involves actual physical people doing things in the real world. The word will get out that here in the northwest, there are crowds that white people can hide in.

One of the big motivations for an active white nationalist to come home to the northwest will be so he or she can start getting involved in all this fun stuff, with at least a small crowd around them so they can hide their faces. Since Americans are all about having fun. Which is why we do silly things like spending a thousand bucks in a weekend at Six Flags or roaring around in the woods on four-wheel ATVs, which in my opinion are just rider lawn-mowers, but I know some guys swear by them.

The party has to satisfy the perennial need for "action" that so many of our people crave. Local units will not only be responsible for bringing in, absorbing and motivating migrants, but also for educating, converting and recruiting local people in their areas to the cause of the northwest independence. People around the country will want to come to Boise or Portland or Centralia or wherever because that's where the action will be. That's where the crowds will be that they can hide in.

For example, one of the main activities I'd love to see carried out by local units will necessarily be what the German Nationalist-Socialist underground refers to as "Fahnenaktionen"- flag actions, wherein various means will be found to display the blue, white and green Northwest tri-color flag to the inhabitants of the northwest, so that they will come to recognize it as the flag of their own nationhood, and a symbol of rebellion similar to the confederate flag of The South. Now this can be done through stickers, posters, street artistry, and of course through flying the tri-color itself.

Okay, look: we're running long here, but I repeat- this thing me and Andy and others on here keep ranting and raving about can in fact be done. It can be done by you. Any time you want to do it. That world you read about in my Northwest independence novels? You can have it. It's yours with my compliments.

But you're going to have to come here and collect.

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