Why It Has To Be The Northwest

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Why It Has To Be The Northwest

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"But, does it have to be the Northwest? Could Mr.Covington's idea not be expounded upon elsewhere? Could right-thinking White folk not come together anywhere and, through lawful elections and selective migration, create the beginnings of a Homeland, to start something, to give our future generations something to further develop, and be proud of? Why not? - Dave"

I apologize for taking so long to answer Dave's question; I'm trying to actually cut down on my internet time. Bearing in mind that the objective is to create a viable nation for White people and to avoid small, non viable, surrounded enclaves, the new Homeland must meet several criteria:

1. The Homeland must be big, big enough to grow into over many generations. Lebensraum, as it were. That lets out New England.

2. It must be a contiguous all-White land mass. Enclaves would eventually be overrun. That lets out Matt Hale's "everybody move to Peoria and take over the county" idea, although as I explain later, becoming predominant in certain localities within the Northwest is a good idea with which to begin an eventual Northwest-wide revolution.

3. There must be sufficient natural resources and infrastructure to support, feed, and clothe a growing nation and create industry. That rules out New England as well. The Northwest presently has most of what we will need and we can jury-rig the rest. Towards the end in Rhodesia we were manufacturing everything from our own steel to our own Scotch; it was only a failure of political will that destroyed the country.

4. The new nation must have an extensive coastline with viable deep-water harbors. It must not be landlocked and dependent on flight over hostile territory for communication with the outside world. We will also need access to the sea for commercial fishing and desalinization and mineral extraction, all of which will be necessary in the 21st century.

5. Remember, the Northwest idea was not invented by me. It's been around for about twenty years, and all unsung there is in fact migration already going on, including a fair amount of overt racially conscious migration, especially by religious people to Idaho and northern Utah. There is also a large amount of "organic migration" on the part of conservative White people who will not openly admit (yet) to racial feelings, but who are basically fleeing the mudflow, especially from California.

6. The land of the Northwest is already sanctified with the blood of martyrs such as Vicky and Sam Weaver, Gordon Kahl, Bob Matthews and Richard Butler. We cannot and should not turn away from this legacy which has been given to us by some of the few truly heroic White people of this generation, and we owe it to them to make sure they did not suffer in vain.

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Re: Why It Has To Be The Northwest

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Please read our site rules. There will be no GUBU about how bad other people are. This site is about the NF, Northwest Migration and how we can help those not in the homeland get here. I don't want to hear any "So and so was a jew" crap.
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