Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

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Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby Gladius1918 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:02 pm

Can anybody give me any tips about recruiting face to face and the places to distribute leaflets stickers etc.? I want to spread the word as far as possible outside my own circle and I thought airports (I fly a lot) might be a good distribution point. I plan to bring as many people with me as I can when I come home and make Northwest Migration known amongst more Whites whether they are racially aware now or not.....they are about to get an education I think!

I am a complete novice at this so please explain this to me like I was about 10 years old. Thanks in advance and bless all if you.

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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby andydonner » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:43 pm

I hate it when I get questions I can't answer. I've done a fair amount of littering, postering, and related activity, but never on racial stuff, which is the overriding component here. The first rule is making sure you're not identified as the person handing it out, especially since if you leave something lying around in an airport (as sensitive as airport security is these days), then you could be in hot water. I'm sure every TSA agent at every airport would love to get their hands on evil terrorists like us.

So how about it, guys? Any advice here? I'm tapped out.
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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby Gladius1918 » Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:40 pm

I'm thinking maybe VFWand American Legion halls?
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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby CharlesOfWales » Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:22 pm

My first reaction would be start at the most conservative end of town. I've heard about things like gun shows you have there, that would be my first stop.
As far as i can tell, alot of people in the US have the succession bug. Start with those "tea party" types who are already looking for a solution, and try to convince them that ours is the correct one.

Trying to convert a lefty is about the hardest thing any man could ever do. Until the situation really deteriorates and people are down to eating one meal a day, we just are not going to get mass support from the public. I know we talk about how bad things are, but really, in the scheme of things, they aren't (yet). The problem is idealists like us make up a very small portion of the population, and until the race wars start and their own personal saftey is in danger, the plebs could care less.
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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby SupplyScout » Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:04 pm

Listen to what Andy said about airports. You put a sticker or flyer and get caught you might be charged with a hate crime. I don't remember the details but way back in the early 90's a comrade in New Jersey put a sticker on a roadway sign near an intersection and was charged with a hate crime. I believe he received 5 years instead of a ticket for littering.

As for recruitment, I like to take a page from the Christian playbook and what they call witnessing. I try to keep it casual and let everyday situations present me with opportunities to talk to kin folk about racial awareness.

Examples - are you in school and in class a nigger is always asking for further clarification of a will notice body language and non-verbal indicators that allow you to open up to someone.

- walking in a mall or shopping center and a group of niggers won't make room for a white couple walking toward them...opportunity knocks

- at a park and a white family with children move away from a group of muds/race mixers who are cursing and carrying on...

The examples in our everyday life are numerous. Coupling real life moments with immediate propoganda/recruitment will solidify the message in the mind. Remember that personal experiences are powerful motivators to action.
Anyone within driving distance of the metro Atlanta area can PM for an offline meeting if interested.
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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby omegavon » Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:13 pm

I've tried leaflet in and pasting posters with some success. Bus stops are good, but as stated before try not to be seen. I usually went with a few friends. I'd get the driver to drop us off and wait at the end of the street till we had plastered our stuff everywhere we could. I'm not sure what the laws are where you live. I know they aren't very lenient here in Canada. I'm not advocating breaking the law in anyway, but flour and water as glue is really hard to get off of bus stops :).
Of course there is always propaganda videos you can make.
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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby Annie » Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:21 pm

You can also copy and paste the "Just Looking" chit chat info (found on general discussions) on different websites with a link to the Forum.
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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby Skarsgaard » Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:45 am

Could lay cards at peoples doorstep, mailbox, or in their vehicles windshield wipers. Ive done this twice so far - seems effective enough to get at least some people to look at our goal
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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby andydonner » Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:45 pm

Skarsgaard wrote:Could lay cards at peoples doorstep, mailbox, or in their vehicles windshield wipers. Ive done this twice so far - seems effective enough to get at least some people to look at our goal

That's great provided cards never go IN mailboxes. Nothing without a U.S. Postal stamp is allowed in them and actions to the contrary are illegal. Crimes, such as today's shooting in Tacoma, give the secret police a reason to come snooping. This goes double for anything involving anything with the words "Northwest" and "Front" on it. I always have to point this out when I see mentions of mailboxes since even the simplest things can turn into problems for us.
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Re: Recruiting and propaganda spreading tips.

Postby Erik » Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:34 pm

I've written some thoughts on recruitment and migration issues, but simple shame of length makes me hesitate to dump another tl;dr in the RFN comments as I usually do.

(¶ Question: 1) I was wondering if I could post it here, since this seems like the back-pages anyways where it isn't going to crowd as much. It frankly doesn't deserve wide attention or warrant an email. Its typically verbose and dull, but I'd like to make it available just to let it be considered.

I notice the forums have a ton of great information that deserve preservation. Like the youtube blog link @ .org, its isnt instantly noticeable. One has to dig a bit, and the amount of text information on .org and .net combined is massive enough to be a little daunting.

I keep worrying the overhead must be crushing on time. And then there is the interaction factor, which I worry drains 'client-side' energy. What I mean is that when people are given a choice between risking action and asking for clarification and have reason to expect a personal response, they will tend to ask infinite questions for endless clarification. It's a common human trait and mental dynamic, like chatting up 5 salesmen for a half hour each rather than committing to making the large purchase. Its fine when they actually want to buy; its a problem when they are just looking.

I'm trying to think of ways to consolidate the most valuable of the web assets into something lower maintenance and more quickly accessible, the idea being to shorten the time and path between 'looking' and 'sale', so to speak. Presently, it seems a bit dis-jointed. There's novels, a constitution and outlines to read; a PNW migration might feel like a term paper. The decision to migrate for any reason typically comes in a moment of passion in response to something. Planning is good, but it can also be a major de-motivator. Ideally, someday I'd like to see a prominent branch of the site tailored to linear, expedited processing of migrant issues so they have an easy, illustrative menu of resources: The Where, The Jobs, The Entry Involvement etc.

Maybe this would put a cap on redundant questions, and it could all be branched from one top page. The general public could be sent to FAQ; actual applicants who have taken the time to at least respond to a Skype interview (no records) that ends with "When?" could be given more one-on-one answers to develop the prospect. In this web design fantasy of mine, it would include links to Greyhound and Delta ticket estimators, advising the most economical ones are 3+ weeks out. (The idea being to capitalize on mental momentum).

So I'm trying to think of how to seize on those visceral moments that precede a decision, and find some express lane to the action and commitment, and how to render that here with some sort of guided, consolidated walk-through that favors speed over detail. Details create anxiety which cripple. Sometimes just guessing can expedite a decison faster than insisting on detailed answers for every aspect, which itself emerges from anxiety.


On a side note, today I was looking at crowd funding options. I dont have to expound on the issue of internet transaction hosts vis-a-vis this 'brand' of causes.

In searching, while an idea was in my head, I came across some pages describing 'the craziest' or 'most ridiculous' gofundme campaigns, sort of confirming a suspicion I had.

Saboteurs would ensure any campaign for this cause would be blacklisted. Yet the racially aware enjoy a level of tacit understanding.

So I got to thinking, what if the donors knew what it was for, but it wasn't explicitly stated as the cause. The host would have no way of knowing that a NWF agents campaign to raise funds for some blatantly ridiculous cause was in fact for the NWF. I say 'blatantly ridiculous' because if you listed a plausible cause, those unaware that "Andy's Save the Sea Lion" campaign was actually for something else would naturally inquire further and could claim fraud.

But if "Andy's (or Erik's) Campaign to Save the Smurfs" was circulated, those in the know would have an opportunity for fast donations and no one could claim there was a fraud. The goal and requested donations are kept very small, say $2-5 each at a goal of $100, so no one feels they are risking much because little is at risk. This also gets around the overhead of the Storefront. And its like a magnet for we impulse types. Naturally, the actual direction for the campaign is kept totally removed from the page or payment.

For example, one week HAC announces the Northwest Blue Eyed Smurf is in danger of extinction with no mention of donations or a crowdfund.(Or maybe Dry Eyes needs a fifth) An upper NFW agent with no name recognition creates the crowdfund page, and the link is sent from a non NWF email to everyone on the email list, and people are encouraged to share it in our channels where there isn't explicit race discussion, but the views are shared, like between peoples social media circles. No one is going to call foul if John shares a link to save Smurfs on his FB page with Jim, both who share the same views, and John sends a PM explaining.

Now you have a 'money bomb' at work. And if it gets blown up, you simply start a new small campaign. By the time any anti-s snooping could figure it out, its already over and the next months campaign is being drawn up. Small donations, small goals, quiet and quick. Anyone can come up with a few bucks, and might get some amusement from it. (I originally imagined a campaign for the "Northwest Reptilian Defense Fund" and then realized there may actually be people expecting war with lizard people).

Just some thoughts. I'm going back to trying to articulate some recruitment and demographic aspects to post here if its ok. Looking at the mechanics of migration, I'm finding that the 17-19 population are the most primary candidates due to a lack of establishment that isn't caused by financial destitution, a natural compulsion to advance swiftly with less regard to geography, innate adventurism and faith in outcomes. I'm basically figuring out what military recruiters already know, which is why they show up at high schools, which also happen to be where the next generation is exposed to current cultural chaos they can witness themselves.

What the inroad and swift path to resettlement is, I'm not quite sure yet. Social media comes to mind, which would presumably make spring and summer a boom season.

(¶ Question: 2) I am wondering if there is any room among PNW residents (especially urban) to sponsor willing candidates of 18-19 (a very finite range to be effective) for, say, 60 days after some vetting until they are on their feet. Find the candidate pool, find the inroad, access it, sell it, rinse/repeat. The sponsors would have to be ready to keep the turnaround quick before cold feet set in, with compatibility established beforehand. This way you are not trying to move a young candidate with politics and ideology, you are actually providing practical solutions with ideology as a driving vector, like the old Catholic missionaries used to, spreading Christianity by providing local pragmatic solutions.

Besides, it builds on the notion of family and community anyways, which are foundations for culture and generally lacking to a lot of youth population.
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