Introduction Packet Problems?

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Introduction Packet Problems?

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After interacting with several people new to the Party on this message board, I have been made aware of problems and delays with introduction packets. I tended to let people know to wait a bit but a trend developed. As promised, I got in touch with the folks who influence this process and as things turn out, a very few actually did slip through the cracks.

The delinquent packets have been mailed once everything has been tracked down. I'm told the number of packets matches the number of inquiries on the subject, so unless your packet doesn't arrive in the next week (provided you're in the 48), it ought to be on it's way to you. The Party and I apologize for the confusions and perturbations.

If you still do not receive a packet, please say so and let us know how long ago you requested it. If needed, please PM someone with the details (name, mailing address, how you requested it, etc.) but don't post them here since we would hate to be part of the reason someone's information gets in the wrong hands.

Thanks for your understanding.
A. W. Donner

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