Northwest Front
The Gay History Series

By Harold Covington

Lesson #1: Roman Orgy—The Satyricon of Petronius (1st century A.D.)

Lesson #2: Horror In Houston Heights (1973)—Dean Arnold Corll

Lesson #3: The Faggot King—Edward the Second (1284-1327)

Lesson #4: Governor in Drag—Lord Cornbury, Royal Governor of the Colony of New York (1701)

Lesson #5: Twinkle-Toes (2007)

Lesson #6: G-Man In A G-String—J. Edgar Hoover – (1895-1972)

Lesson #7: Buggering Bosie—The Trials of Oscar Wilde (1895)

Lesson #8: The Killer Catamite—Andrew Cunanan (1997)

Lesson #9: The Beast With Five Fingers—Big Bill Tilden (1946)

Lesson #10: The Queerest Roman Of Them All—The Emperor Elagabalus

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