Northwest Front

Rense Radio Network’s “Short End of the Stick” with Mike Harris:

Mike Harris show, March 20, 2014
Topics range from the missing airliner, to the situation in the Ukraine, to White character (or lack of it.)
MP3, 35 MB, length 38:52

Mike Harris Show, Dec. 5, 2013
The death of Nelson Mandela, HAC’s new novel Freedom’s Sons, and interesting topics like “When You Can And Should Shoot A Cop.”
MP3, 35 MB, length 38:15

Mike Harris Show, Oct. 8, 2012
Mike is the only talk radio host who allows Harold on the air; this is his fourth appearance on his show, and amazingly, Mike still has his job. It’s a morning drive-time slot in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
MP3, 68 MB, length 1:14:25

Mike Harris Show, April 3, 2012
Harold talks with Mike about Trayvon Martin.
MP3, 35 MB, length 0:38:01

Mike Harris Show, Jan. 10, 2012
Discussion of the Northwest Novels.
MP3, 62 MB, length 1:08:04

Mike Harris Show, Dec. 5, 2011
Discussion of the Northwest Novels.
MP3, 60 MB, length 1:05:18

Spingola Specials, April 25, 2013
Deanna Spingola interviews Mr. Covington about National Socialism and its adoptability to the American scene, and the 2006 Draft Constitution of the Northwest American Republic.
MP3, 38 MB, length 41:36

Radio Free Mississippi, July 1, 2010
Harold Covington and other guests speak about the Edgar Steele case. The interview with Mr. Covington begins at 1:22:45.
MP3, 110 MB, length 4:01:13

Radio Free Mississippi, Nov. 20, 2009
The Northwest Front, Northwest Migration, and character
MP3, 29 MB, length 1:03:22

Interview with Occidental Quarterly Editor Greg Johnson, Dec. 29, 2009
Includes a brief biography of Covington, an explanation of the Northwest Imperative, the impact of the internet on White Nationalism, and a discussion of Covington’s novels.  

The Patriot Dames Radio Show, Dec. 12, 2009
White Christmas and what it means to Americans
MP3, 22 MB, length 1:15:06

The Patriot Dames Radio Show, Nov. 12, 2009
H.A. Covington, novelist and visionary
MP3, 32 MB, length 1:31:41

RV Wolfpack Radio show, Oct. 27, 2009
The murder of Jeff Hughes, leader of Northwest Front Canada
MP3, 17.9 MB, length 1:18:26

The Sunic Journal, Oct. 20, 2009
The Northwest novels and more
MP3, 12.6 MB, length 0:55:03

Prothink Radio Show, Sept. 3, 2009
Northwest Migration
MP3, 49.1 MB, length 2:02:48


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