Northwest Front
The Jewish History Series

By Harold Covington

Lesson #1: The Crime of the Century (1924)
The crime that captured national attention in 1924 began as a fantasy in the mind of 18-year-old Richard Loeb, son of a retired Jewish Sears Roebuck vice president.

Lesson #2: Croaking Beansie (1912)
The gangland murder of Jewish gambler Herman Rosenthal, nicknamed "Beansie," in the Tenderloin, New York City.

Lesson #3: The Slaughter of the Innocents (1918)
The brutal slaughter of Czar Nicholas II of Russia and his family by Jewish Bolsheviks.

Lesson #4: The Massacre At Deir Yasin (1948)
On April 9, 1948, Jewish terrorist organization Irgun Zvai Leumi surrounded the village of 700 people, killing 254 and wounding 300 others.

Lesson #5: The Man Who Fell From the Sky (1928)
Alfred Loewenstein, a financier of immense wealth and influence, fell from his Fokker trimotor aircraft during a flight from London to Brussels.

Lesson #6: The Bowery Gorilla (1900s)
Of all of the early gangsters of New York, probably the most violent, stupid, and vicious hoodlum of them all was a Jew who called himself Monk Eastman.

Lesson #7: Embezzler To The Stars (1977)
David Begelman, former president of Columbia Pictures, stole an unknown amount of money before ultimately committing suicide in 1995.

Lesson #8: Arnold Rothstein, King of the Jews (1882–1928)
Rothstein is arguably the most personally successful professional criminal in American history.

Lesson #9: Little Hugh of Lincoln (1246–1255)
Hugh of Lincoln (1246–1255) was an English boy, whose death was apparently an act of Jewish ritual murder.

Lesson #10: Was Jack the Ripper a Jew?
More than a century after disappearing into the London fog, the identity of Jack the Ripper may have been accidentally discovered by a South African historian.

Lesson #11: Mysteries of the Talmud—Terrible Murder in the East (1850)
The murder of Father Tommaso, a Christian missionary from Sardinia, and his servant, Abrahim Amara in Damascus.

Lesson #12: Jewish Ritual Murder – Chicago 1955
Between October 1955 and December 1956, a total of five White children were abducted and murdered in a manner suggestive of Jewish ritual sacrifice.

Lesson #13: The Dying Delirium of a Jew (1935)
On Oct. 24, 1935, in the last few hours of his life, gangster Dutch Schultz had more to say to the cops than he had in his entire previous 33 years.

Lesson #14: The Irrelevant Defense of Arnold Leese (1938)
Leese was imprisoned in 1936 for publishing articles on Jewish ritual murder.

Lesson #15: Mark Twain on the Jews (1899)
Mark Twain's true opinion of the Jews is probably the best kept secret in American literary history.

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