Northwest Front

Dec. 30: Two-hour year-end music special.

Dec. 23: Christmas 1914 truce in the trenches of WWI, Pastor Robert Miles, message to an idiot on the internet explaining what it’s all about.

Dec. 16: Edgar Steele's famous article "It's the Jews, Stupid," then a general tirade aimed at kikes.

Dec. 9: Advice for minors on dealing with parental objections to racial internet viewing, private property rights in the Northwest American Republic, White people's refusal to understand.

Dec. 2: Extended Edgar Steele update, volcanoes and science in the Northwest American Republic.

Nov. 25: Corrections to last week’s show; 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign; first Thanksgiving Proclamation from 1676, which like so much else, we have been lied to about by those who rule us.

Nov. 18: "Negativity," problems intellectual racists have with the NF (and vice versa), will there be a stock exchange in the Northwest Republic?

Nov. 11: Recognize and deal with police, federal informers, and agent provocateurs.

Nov. 4: The phenomenon of the Disappearing Comrade, midterm election results, and why we need to start taking "all this" seriously, right now.

Oct. 28: Halloween music special. Edgar Steele, Ku Klux Klan, local NF organizing.

Oct. 21: Eulogy for Comrade Jeff Hughes, who was murdered by the RCMP one year ago this week. Also: future of the White internet, local organizing for the Northwest Front.

Oct. 14: Illegal activity, Republicans' chances in the elections, how to recruit people.

Oct. 7: The firing of Rick Sanchez from CNN for "anti-semitism," a possible fifth Northwest novel, local organizing in the Northwest Homeland.

Sept. 30: Furor over the Thoughtcrime blog, the Jewish origins of feminism, how the Northwest migration movement got started.

Sept. 23: Two-hour FAQ special. Does the NF advocate violence or preach “hate”? Why not White enclaves? Why not take back America? Are today’s White youth completely useless? More.

Sept. 16: Edgar Steele, response to Dutch Uncle critics, organizing in the Homeland.

Sept. 9: Use of “N,” “K,” and “F” words, Constitutional government in the Northwest American Republic, why White Nationalists refuse to live in communities.

Sept. 2: Communism and capitalism, Ezra Pound, advice to a federal agent.

Aug. 26: Encounter with Obamacare, definition of “Class A White Nationalist,” reading of “Chrysalis,” written by late Order comrade Bruce Pierce.

Aug. 19: Hal Turner, Northwest weather, NF General Headquarters.

Aug. 12: Aryan history, the coming crash of the Obama economy and the window of opportunity it will provide, Leaderless Resistance.

Aug. 5: Why tattoos are a bad idea, what might have been had we not fought two world wars against  Europe, how the NF can generate “buzz” on the internet.

July 29: White boys who don’t grow up, some provisions of the Northwest Constitution, guiding purpose behind the Northwest independence novels.

July 22: Edgar Steele, run-in with Mr. Rogers, self-publishing, White enclaves.

July 15: Civil War music, Edgar Steele, November elections, Jewish names.

July 8: Mel Gibson’s latest racial gaffe, culture in the Northwest Republic, the art of raising White children, more on the Northwest Volunteers.

July 1: Edgar Steele, morality of Homecoming, Aryan origins, White immigration to the U.S.

June 24: HoloHoax, advice to European Nationalists, long-range Homeland plan.

June 17: A TV review, joining the U.S. military, the economy, seven good reasons why White people need to Come Home right away.

June 10: How the Northwest Front is different, Skype, defense against accusations of “negativity,” what’s in store for White people here in the Northwest.

June 3: Dealing with our friends in silk suits, Fireside Chats, the “good Jew” concept.

May 27: Day jobs, hostile relatives, public rallies, messages from the host to our enemies and to our comrades.

May 20: Freemasonry, White dating service, other Covington novels, “hate.”

May 13: New York truck bomb incident, the economy, the role of women in the Northwest Republic, the Northwest Constitutional ban on abortion.

May 6: Tea Party, advice for White Nationalists, vision for the Northwest Front.

April 29: Who is White, characters from the Northwest novels, Ariz. immigration law.

April 22: “Amish Solution” for Whites, how to help the NF, theory of armed struggle.

April 15: Northwest Republic economy, psychology of the White Mind.

April 8: Michigan militia arrests, theory of guerrilla warfare in America.

April 1: NAR borders, NAR as a refuge for White people.

March 25: The Goat Dance, treason, moral foundations of the NF.

March 18: Conspiracy theories, White self reliance, the future of the NF.

March 11: H.A. Covington reads excerpts from his article “The Awakening.”

March 3: Basic security, health care in the NAR, Tea Party movement.

Feb. 24: The state of White youth and White paranoia.

Feb. 17: White enclaves, racial get-togethers, how Jews and blacks tag-team to destroy White people and their civilization.

Feb. 5: Northwest weather, Obama, the moral duty of White people to Come Home.

Jan. 27: Phase One of the Butler Plan for Northwest Migration.

Jan. 15: An introduction to Radio Free Northwest.


Radio Free Northwest 2010

A weekly program hosted by Harold Covington