Northwest Front

Dec. 29: Annual end-of-the-year all-music show.

Dec. 22: Christmas, gay suicide, queer penguins, Mein Kampf, committees of correspondence.

Dec. 15: Julius Streicher; racial implications of weather and climate.

Dec. 8: Bullying and the Southern Poverty Law Center; panel discussion on how the Northwest Republic may come into existence in reality.

Dec. 1: Occupy Wall Street, storming the Bastille, feminism, social welfare in the Homeland, how to get in touch with the Northwest Front, when the revolution will come.

Nov. 24: Courage, karma, favorite true nigger stories, character.

Nov. 17: Armed resistance, responses to e-mails; the role of women in the Movement.

Nov. 9: White history, a group discussion with guests, the character issue.

Nov. 3: Written vs. electronic materials; commentary on a Skinhead murder spree; 40 Questions On The Holocaust; a musical excursion into the Sixties.

Oct. 27: Special episode on the twin topics of Halloween and buggery.

Oct. 20: Occupy Wall Street; a listener’s racial awakening; the Northwest Front contact process; eulogy for a comrade who fell victim to Amurrica.

Oct. 13: The new White Book; cat-stomping; guest commentaries; the economy.

Oct. 6: Ayn Rand, spirituality, immigration and technology.

Sept. 29: Child-raising, relationships, 9/11 conspiracy theories, Brandenburg Lecture.

Sept. 22: Use of the word "Aryan," Northwest gun laws, Brandenburg Lecture, Skinheads.

Sept. 15: Kevin Harpham guilty plea, Brandenburg Lecture, 9/11 attacks.

Sept. 8: Canadian ban on the Northwest novels, intro to Brandenburg Lectures on non-consensual regime change, audio from the late Pastor Richard Butler, nay-sayers.

Sept. 1: The fifth Northwest novel; note from an incoming Northwest migrant; the morality of hatred and Obama’s back door amnesty; a warning about the feds.

Aug. 25: Audio clips from Bill White and the late Dr. Revilo P. Oliver; comrades who became martyrs in August; White Nationalists who flee from the movement.

Aug. 18: Mr. Covington reads Enoch Powell’s famous “Rivers of Blood” speech from 1968, and raps with Comrade Charles Martel.

Aug. 11: The fifth Northwest independence novel, White racial character.

Aug. 4: Anders Breivik; speaking to the media; Atlanta schools scandal; excerpt from an NPR cultural program.

July 30: P.S. on Anders Breivik.

July 28: Anders Breivik; why Mr. Covington will not re-invent himself as a conservative; the Lemonade Revolution; Dry Ice Washington on the death of Amy Winehouse.

July 21: David Lane 's letters to Tim McVeigh; debt ceiling negotiations; White man's religion.

July 14: How a comrade became racially aware; New World Order; Druids; religion.

July 7: White character; Jacobite history and music; the Verone case, Casey Anthony verdict.

June 30: Bill White, the Butler Plan, professionalizing the Northwest Front.

June 23: Edgar Steele, book review from Gretchen the Librarian, professionalizing the Party.

June 16: Disbarment of Edgar Steele's attorney; Weiner’s wiener; professionalizing the Party; the final address of David Lane to the jury.

June 9: vBulletin boards, Fred Phelps, Coffee Creek Women's Prison in Oregon, cowboy music.

June 2: The state sovereignty movement; why the Northwest Front won’t go back to old Movement ways; message from a successful Northwest settler; local NF organizing in the Homeland.

May 26: Forming a White Nationalist indie movie company.

May 19: Larry Fairfax; the Ceacescu Challenge; responses to Jew and liberal hecklers.

May 12: Mr. Covington comments on the recent conviction of Edgar Steele.

May 5: Osama Bin Laden, Hal Turner, religion, Edgar Steele case. Featured musical artist: Saga.

April 28: History of White contact with niggers; a speech by Dr. William Pierce; the Jewish question.

April 21: Father Coughlin, the American fascist radio priest of the 1930s; the 122nd birthday of a certain great man.

April 14: A 1989 speech by Mr. Covington from his Southern Nationalist days; current attempts by the System to silence him; employment in the Northwest.

April 7: The Kingfish Huey Long of Louisiana, the coming Great Debate on Northwest Migration, health and nutrition with Gretchen the Librarian.

March 31: Eulogy for British Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley; practical issues about Northwest Migration, including the Northwest climate, employment prospects, and housing.

March 24: Libya; birthday greeting to Commander Rockwell; religion and Demon Weed.

March 17: Kevin William Harpham; why America will lose; why Francis Fukuyama is full of horse hockey.

March 10: Edgar Steele, interest-free banking in the Homeland, a bit of “The Plan” revealed.

March 3: The American Dream versus the Iron Dream; events in Wisconsin; the kind of men and women needed to free the Homeland and create the Northwest Republic.

Feb. 24: Burnout; latest government program to disrupt the White internet with undercover trolls.

Feb. 17: E-mails from Homecoming White migrants, a practical White Nationalist attitude toward Islam.

Feb. 10: Edgar Steele, leaflet distribution, spirituality. [Correction: Mr. Covington said German National Socialist financier Hjalmar Schact was executed by the Nuremberg tribunal in 1946. Schact died of old age in 1970. Hans Frank was the financier. Mr. Covington apologizes.]

Feb. 3: Revolution in Egypt, Beaver Cleaverville, life in a politically correct cesspool.

Jan. 27: The Spokane bomb; use of the term Aryan; why secession is the only way.

Jan. 20: Movement phenomenon of "running away to join the circus," local organizing for the NF.

Jan. 13: The Holocaust Hoax; Arizona Jew and Judge shootings.

Jan. 6: The necessity of revolution rather than conservatism; why many White Nationalists have such a crappy attitude.

Radio Free Northwest 2011

A weekly program hosted by Harold Covington