Northwest Front

Dec. 27: Annual two-hour all-music show.

Dec. 20: HAC on the Connecticut shootings, impending Democrat gun control, and why he despises democracy; Gretchen on her first encounter with Obamacare. Christmas stuff.

Dec. 13: HAC on the Mike Harris Show, Dec. 11, 2012.

Dec. 6: HAC raps on his coming Obamacare felony arrest, Gretchen reviews a book on the European spirit, Andy lays out the NF contact process, and Harold bloviates sonorously.

Nov. 29: HAC gives a TV review, Gretchen talks about migration and jobs, Andy Donner discusses weirdo blog comments, and Edgar Steele from 2005 attacks the same police state that would murder him seven years later.

Nov. 22: HAC explains quantitative easing, Andy Donner raps on things in general, Gretchen the Librarian reviews a book on Jack London, and HAC speaks of the things he’s thankful for.

Nov. 15: Andy Donner on the election results; a letter from imprisoned dissident writer Bill White; Gretchen the Librarian reviews a book on H.P. Lovecraft; HAC rambles about stuff.

Nov. 8: A short, terse commentary from HAC on the last traditional presidential election in American history, and our future as a minority in our own land.

Nov. 1: Edgar Steele speech from 2002; Gretchen on Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago; HAC on the election, Leaderless Resistance, and his non-forthcoming memoirs.

Oct. 25: Effie Sue Washington on the presidential debates; HAC preaches on how education is no substitute for action; Gretchen reviews a book on Movement tactics, and the 1809 disappearance of British diplomat Benjamin Bathurst. Plus Halloween musical selections.

Oct. 18: HAC on grand juries; final segment of Edgar Steele’s last interview; Harold eulogizes Jeff Hughes, who was murdered by Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Oct. 23, 2009.

Oct. 11: Harold re-evaluates Iran and the election; Chris from Montana speaks out; Part Two of Edgar Steele’s last interview; Gretchen reviews a book on a possible Arctic Aryan Homeland; we hear some German moog music.

Oct. 4: Harold on Iran and the elections; Edgar Steele’s last prison interview; Gretchen the Librarian reviews The Light In The Forest; HAC concludes with one of his usual Philippics.

Sept. 27: Andy Donner on Northwest Migration; Harold gives permission for anyone to use his work to advance the 14 Words; Cyndi Steele’s speech on the courthouse steps after her husband’s convictions; Gretchen talks about working for RFN.

Sept. 20: HAC on the elections, Gretchen the Librarian reviews a biography of Ezra Pound, Lord Lucan and HAC rap about cannibalism in England and whether or not Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a covert Satanist, and Harold talks about the coming Iran apocalypse.

Sept. 13: HAC on NF propaganda’s no-nudity policy and the Chicago teachers’ strike; Gretchen on jobs and finances; murdered North Idaho attorney Edgar Steele on illegal immigration.

Sept. 6: HAC on the “1914″ allusion and the kind of person he needs for an assistant; Edgar Steele “We Are All Terrorists Now” speech from 2009; Harold on Viking history.

Aug. 30: HAC talks on the Terrorism Industry; Gretchen the Librarian reviews a book on Icelandic women; Edgar Steele speaks in defense of anti-semitsm; Harold has a Viking moment.

Aug. 23: HAC on street-walking; Edgar J. Steele on Martin Lucifer Koon Day (2007); the Northwest Tricolor flag.

Aug. 16: HAC on the Michael Page incident, Gretchen reads from Freedom’s Sons, Edgar Steele on the Holy Holocaust.

Aug. 9: Northwest Front defined; Edgar Steele “If you see black, don’t go back”; Weird Aryan History Series.

Aug. 3: Interview with two of the comrades who made their scouting trips this week.

Aug. 2: HAC dishes some Movement gossip and gives multifarious stirring orations.

July 28: Interview with Swedish Comrade Ragnar on international racial and political issues.

July 26: Northwest Migration FAQ.

July 19: HAC on what to expect when you come here and why he’s not in prison; Gretchen gives a pep talk; Edgar Steele on Obummer. Bonus: The Siege of the Alcazar.

July 12: Jason from Oklahoma on “racism”; musical tribute for our Ulster comrades in honor of the Glorious Twelfth.

July 5: Andy Donner and Harold on Obamacare.

June 28: The Supreme Court’s Arizona immigration law decision, Soviet Man, fiery oratory from HAC

June 21: Eulogy for Rodney King, a new comrade from Australia, Aryan character.

June 14: Gretchen on Pat Buchanan’s latest book, Harold rants and raves.

June 7: Alex Kurtagic’s novel Mister, transgenders in beauty contests, panel discussion, music from 1970s Rhodesia.

May 31: HAC as a Maximal Leader, racial religion in ancient Greece and Rome, Ezra Pound, 12-point NVA peace conference manifesto from A Mighty Fortress.

May 24: Morality of the Northwest Imperative; panel discussion; A Distant Thunder.

May 20: Sally talks about her recent visit from our friends in the silk suits.

May 17: J.T. Ready affair; Gretchen on guns; HAC has a quiet word of prayer with the FBI.

May 10: The future of Radio Free Northwest, opinion on the J. T. Ready incident.

May 3: Paranoia; meet a new comrade in Idaho; panel discussion.

April 26: 9/11 conspiracy theory, Effie Sue Washington, Trayvon Martin, Ernst Zundel.

April 19: Oklahoma City bombing, monkoid-shootings,1921 Tulsa race riot, Effie Sue Washington on Barack and Trayvon.

April 12: Spiritual stuff, stoned EMOs in Iraq, Canadian gun cases, internal politics of Israel.

April 5: Northwest migration basics, black racists, traffic cameras, environmental contaminants, Trayvon Martin, Elizabeth Nietzsche, lesbo monkoid judges in Texas, and heavy lifting.

March 29: Red lines that can't be crossed, misdirected enthusiasm, Solutreans, Kennewick man.

March 22: The French shooting incident; panel discussion; HAC propositions the FBI.

March 16: U.S. immigration for White Nationalists from Europe, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

March 15: T-shirt youth; panel discussion; Julius Evola.

March 8: HAC apologizes for dilatory e-mail responses; panel discussion.

March 1: NF literature, Al from Idaho raps about violence, panel discussion.

Feb. 23: Meet new comrade Olivia; Action Andy on pro-bullying stance; HAC on terrorism.

Feb. 16: Stolen glaciers, queers in movies, the opening to The Hill of the Ravens.

Feb. 9: Drugs and the Northwest Movement, single moms, current events.

Feb. 2: Evolution; the role of electoral politics in White Nationalism.

Jan. 26: Edgar Steele, vampires, Gruesome Harvest, fall of the Soviet Union.

Jan. 19: Eulogy for Colonel House; group discussion; speech by Dr. William Pierce.

Jan. 12: New Hampshire Republican primary, a new Northwest migrant, guns, faggot nativity scenes.

Jan. 5: A continuation of panel discussions; a surprise musical guest.

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