Northwest Front

Dec. 31: Our annual two-hour all-music show.

Dec. 25: Olivia on Movement burnout, HAC on surviving an integrated high school, lots of Christmas music. Merry Christmas, Festem Yule, Nollaig, etc. etc.

Dec. 19: HAC bloviates on this idea that “the sheriffs” or the governors or the state legislatures out West “will save us” and gives some advice on youth-oriented topics. Andy and Gretchen are there and Olivia to rap on education, and returns from the Outer Darkness, and we hear some Cthulhu Carols.

Dec. 12: HAC talks about RFN paranoia, the institution of marriage, and some other stuff. Gretchen reviews a book on the dynamics of revolution, we hear from a Swedish comrade, and HAC closes with a brief tirade on internet kampf.

Dec. 5: HAC bloviates on the Wafer case in Detroit and the future of the GOP, Lord Lucan raps on Amish hatecrime and working class movements, Gretchen reviews Eric Hoffer’s famous book The True Believer, and then HAC closes with a homily on Movement burnout.

Nov. 28: HAC raps on the Bill White sitch and the true meaning of Thanksgiving; Gretchen reviews a critique of Guillaume Faye’s Battle for Europe; Andy winds up his series on White character; the conclusion of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver’s famous Conspiracy or Degeneracy speech.

Nov. 21: HAC on the Craig Cobb fiasco as well as more Northwest Constitutional stuff, Lord Lucan on living with lies, the next installment of Dr. Revilo Oliver’s famous Conspiracy or Degeneracy speech in 1966, and some music from the Romanian Iron Guard.

Nov. 14: Gretchen on European Identity youth, Lord Lucan on Fascism as a working class movement, HAC on prisoners and stats, and part two of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver's famous "Conspiracy or Degeneracy?" speech from 1966.

Nov. 7: HAC talks about Aryan history, Dr. William Pierce, and Dr. Revilo P. Oliver; Gretchen reviews Generation Identity; a new Northwest migrant describes his Homecoming.

Oct. 31: HAC and Andy Donner bloviate on White character; audio clips from Dr. Ed Fields, James Mason, and Jack from New Zealand; spooky seasonal music for Halloween.

Oct. 24: HAC pontificates on the publication of Freedom’s Sons, Ye Olde Goate Dance; historic speeches from J. B. Stoner and Charles Lindbergh; Gretchen on the Easter Rebellion of 1916.

Oct. 17: HAC on Northwest Constitutional issues and his Obamacare experience; Gretchen on appealing to “Americans”; Andy Donner on the absence of a professional clergy in Northwest society; a recording of Bill White’s April 2008 Hitler’s Birthday address.

Oct. 10: HAC talks about the Constitution and the book publication (finally!) of Freedom’s Sons; guest speakers include Aristotle Darwin, Bill White, and J. B. Stoner.

Oct. 3: HAC drones on about the Golden Dawn incident and why he plays so much “Fenian music,” Andy and Gretchen respond to comments on the “What Do You Want From RFN” post, and Conor from Australia raps on feminism.

Sept. 26: HAC talks about some of the responses he received from this week’s “What Do You Want To Hear On RFN?” survey and plays Edgar Steele’s last major audio speech.

Sept. 19: HAC jaws about the nature of the Weltfeind and the Jews, Olivia talks activism, Gretchen reviews one of HAC’s favorite books, then Harold comes back and does a reading from The Hill of the Ravens.

Sept. 12: Andy talks about White character, HAC talks about becoming a rat and the latest FBI entrapment gig, and then explains calmly and carefully to listeners that he is not Batman, which many will no doubt find surprising.

Sept. 5: HAC talks on formal Party organization, Gretchen reviews a book on Irish Nationalist Kathleen Clarke, Olivia discusses the 14 Principles. Medieval musical group Sequentia is featured.

Aug. 29: Olivia on tolerance, Lord Lucan on secession, Andy on religion, and some old codger named Harold wanders in and out.

Aug. 22: HAC gets crabby in anticipation of his 60th birthday; we hear from Andy and Olivia and Gretchen; and we showcase Canadian Celtic rock group Rawlins Cross.

Aug. 15: HAC raves on Obamacare, buggery, and computer encryption. Olivia throws in buggery remarks of her own, and Gretchen reviews Arthur Koestler’s The Thirteenth Tribe.

Aug. 7: Andy gets negative; part two of last week’s panel discussion; Gretchen on the death of Patton; HAC wanders in and out; Andy picks the musical selections this week.

Aug. 1: HAC on the growing Surveillance State; Lord Lucan on the coming dissolution of South Africa into a bloodbath; panel discussion; and the late Pastor Robert Miles on Dualism.

July 25: HAC tries to talk a young man out of joining the Klan; Andy goes all positive on us; Olivia on adultery; Gretchen and Harold talk about Populism and the life and times of Senator Tom Watson of Georgia, the White agrarian leader who refused to go along with the Jewish bribery plot to let child-murderer Leo Frank off the hook.

July 18: HAC on mysterious disappearances and the latest Goat Dance; Olivia on TV addiction and a speech by Matt Heimbach to an American Freedom Party meeting in Los Angeles.

July 11: HAC on Edgar Steele’s appeal before the Nutty Ninth; Andy on meeting security; Gretchen reviews Arthur Kemp’s Nova Europa; we hear from the Kingfish himself; Lord Lucan on the recent assassination attempt on Mike Harris; HAC on Movement people who play Trivial Pursuit.

July 4: Radio talk show host Mike Harris on a recent attempt to assassinate him; HAC on secret policemen digging up back yards in Texas, Jews, and treason; Gretchen on the life and work of philosopher Houston Stewart Chamberlain.

June 27: HAC on what should and should not be discussed on here, and the Edward Snowden melodrama; Olivia on Recovering Whiteness; Lord Lucan rolls out a conspiratorial classic.

June 20: HAC on refuting the nay-sayers, his alleged I.R.A. sympathies, and Movement burnout. Gretchen reviews a biography of Lady Diana Mosely and Bill White discusses his legal cases in a rare radio interview with American Free Press.

June 13: HAC on multiple topics, Lord Lucan on revolution in the Northwest, Olivia on immigration riots in Sweden, Andy on failures in White character. HAC closes with a newly found debt that ZOG owes him.

June 6: HAC on his “dirty books” and the importance of the Bill White case; Gretchen reviews Bill White’s Tradition of the Mother; Andy on solutions versus non-solutions; Olivia dishes on White women.

May 30: Gretchen on her favorite books; Olivia on morality and honor; Lord Lucan on the Tories; HAC talks about the British Muslim beheading, “Aryan” versus “White,” and the badly misnamed “Movement Modernization.”

May 23: Gretchen reviews Bill White’s book Centuries of Revolution, a clip from one of Edgar Steele’s last internet speeches, HAC shouts out to some new Oregon comrades and then works on driving a nail with a marshmallow.

May 16: HAC on handling the media, Lord Lucan on Muslims, Gretchen on Lebensborn, Southern  rebel songs, Confederate memorial stuff to celebrate of North Carolina’s Secession Day.

May 9: What do we do if the Balloon doesn’t Go Up?

May 2: Excerpts from a lengthy interview between HAC and host Rodney Martin on World View Foundation’s Conversations program.

April 25: HAC raps on the Boston bombings and follows with on a long, Grandpa Simpson-like anecdote from his misspent youth. Gretchen reviews a book on Dharma. Plus more stuff about conspiratorial method.

April 18: HAC speaks on the Texas lawyer-whackings, the Boston Baked Bombs, and about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism; Gretchen reviews a biography of British Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley; and we hear a message from Cyndi Steele.

April 11: HAC talks about the Texas lawyer-whackings and the Conspiratorial Method, Gretchen expounds on Aryan mummies in Asia, Andy goes all positive on our ass, and we hear some racial rock music.

April 4: Texas shootings; the new “legal” definition of “threat”; a visitor from Montana speaks; panel discussion with media-slimed Seattle artist Charles Krafft.

March 28: The Colorado assassination of a prison commandant; Nathan Bedford Forrest, Holocaust revisionism. Guest: Charles Krafft.

March 24: Charles Krafft interview

March 21: HAC on O.C. Oglevy, the Colorado shooting, and TSHTF; new migrants Rod and Donald speak; Gretchen reviews a book on Afrikaners.

March 14: YouTube, the “sanctity of life,” Andy Donner on non-migration excuses, Olivia on the kosher food racket, HAC on the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

March 7: Northwest gun laws, the Brewington case, the papal conclave, Germanic mysticism, FBI-baiting.

Feb. 28: HAC responds to a British comrade living in his mom’s basement; Gretchen on the Norse Eddas; Andy on migration and character; Harold on the Northwest Volunteers.

Feb. 21: A special podcast from HAC to download and keep it for future reference.

Feb. 14: HAC on Chris Dorner, internet madness, and Northwest Volunteers. Gretchen on Savitri Devi’s other work.

Feb. 7: HAC raps on Obamacare and literature distribution; Gretchen goes Runic.

Jan. 31: White version of socialism, the Fourth Way, nostalgia from Jan. 30, 1933.

Jan. 24: HAC dances along the line of the dictatorship’s “acceptable parameters of free speech.” Conclusion of Edgar Steele’s 2008 “State of the Revolution” podcast.

Jan. 17: HAC on how the Balloon has finally Gone Up, and nobody noticed. Also: Gretchen on Leni Riefenstahl, Olivia on Migration.

Jan. 10: Communist tactics, Movement finance, Savitri Devi, part two of Edgar Steele’s State of the Revolution speech from 2008.

Jan. 3: Monologue from HAC, with some cool music.


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