Northwest Front

Dec. 25: Our annual year-end all-music show.

Dec. 18: HAC on the NF article in Counter-Terrorism Journal; Gretchen reviews Commander Rockwell’s This Time The World; we hear from a Canadian comrade and the Trucker; Andy on Bad News Porn; HAC bloviates again on cops and apologizes for being rude.

Dec. 11: HAC with a special message for active duty cops; Andy defends conspiracy theory; we hear from Gretchen and the Trucker.

Dec. 4: HAC introduces a speech by Edgar Steele, Gretchen reviews a book on the collapse of France, the last of HAC and Mike Harris from October, HAC counsels a lady plagued by trolls.

Nov. 27: HAC on Ferguson and Obongo’s assumption of dictatorship; Andy on being tasked to capacity; Gretchen on Savitri Devi; hear from the Trucker, Lord Lucan. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 20: HAC on the NF contact process, Ferguson and the coming Obama amnesty; Andy on the elections; Gretchen reviews Kevin McDonald’s Culture of Critique; Joe Adams and the Trucker speak.

Nov. 13: HAC still has a slight touch of ebola, so he lays some more pre-recorded stuff on us; Gretchen reviews a book on Nietzsche; the Trucker reports from his hot tub in the rain.

Nov. 6: HAC has ebola this week and his speaking voice sounds like death eating a cracker, so he cuffs it with a couple of new clips from the Mike Harris Show and White Voice. We hear from Andy on reluctance to migrate, and get an update from the Trucker.

Oct. 30: HAC (again) on the Rotary Club vs. the Secret Squirrel approach; more from the Dueling Codgers; Gretchen reviews David Duke’s My Awakening; part of HAC interview with Joe Adams of the White Voice. Plus a selection of Halloween-ish music.

Oct. 23: HAC on European immigration, Andy on gay marriage in Idaho, updates from the Trucker and Stefan and Annie, another round of Dueling Codgers.

Oct. 16: HAC eulogizes the late Matthias Koehl and discourses on Ebola and the futility of debating with monkoids; Gretchen reviews a book on European nationalism; the Trucker talks about Border Patrol activities; we hear from the Northwest (England) Nationalist again.

Oct. 9: HAC talks about a recent crack in the publicity blackout and responds to e-mail; Gretchen reviews a book by ex-Communist Douglas Hyde White; the Trucker checks in from the road.

Oct. 2: HAC on overseas intro packs, Lord Lucan on the Holocaust, German Comrade Johannes Scharf on his new novel, the Trucker on the road, Andy Donner on street-walking.

Sept. 25: HAC on elderly Nationalists who lapse into mysticism and on the White attention span, Gretchen does another book review, we hear from Edgar Steele on Martin Lucifer Koon.

Sept. 18: Edgar Steele update, end of HAC’s July interview with Mike Harris. We hear from a British comrade, Gretchen reviews a book on rightist politics, Andy on the NF and moral standards.

Sept. 11: Special podcast on the murder of Edgar Steele.

Sept. 4: HAC On Mike Harris show and on the foibles of the U.S. Secret Service; Gretchen reviews a book on the Hitler Youth; updates from the Trucker and Comrade Steve from Michigan.

Aug. 28: Prospective migrants Annie and Stefan speak; Gretchen reviews Frank Da Silva’s second book; the Trucker expounds on the White work ethic; Professor Henry Harpending on “Do Races Exist?”; Andy explains why we can’t be your BFFs; HAC gets an occasional word in edgewise.

Aug. 21: HAC on aliens, the St. Louis chimp-out, and the Three C’s; Gretchen reviews books on Ruby Ridge by Randy and Sarah Weaver; a segment from the Mike Harris show; Who Guards The Guardians.

Aug. 14: HAC yells at some people, HAC and Lord Lucan rap about the aliens among us, Andy and Gretchen chime in, then HAC rambles on about Rotary Club vs. Secret Squirrel.

Aug. 7: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes deconstructs the FBI profilers of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, Andy talks about Muslims, HAC concludes with a serious topic for discussion.

July 31: Who Guards The Guardians? episode on the FBI Crime Lab scandals; Gretchen reviews Yockey’s Imperium, then HAC plays Dueling Codgers with Mike Harris and talks about suicide.

July 24: HAC on the Brownie invasion and downing of Malaysian airliner; Gretchen review Yockey biography; guest speaker Sir Oswald Mosley; HAC on FBI lesbo scandal.

July 17: HAC on the storming of the Bastille and another episode of Qui Custode Ipsos Custodes (Who Guards The Guardians?); Dry Ice Washington on de Nigga Experience; the Trucker talks careers; Any Donner on The Solution.

July 10: HAC on Matt Bracken’s When The Music Stops, Lord Lucan on Jews, Andy on Libertarians, and Harold introduces a new intermittent feature on RFN, Qui Custode Ipsos Custodes? A musical tribute to the Glorious Twelfth in Northern Ireland.

July 3: Andy on National Bolshevism; Gretchen on a new Hitler bio; Comrade Steve on The Situation (no, not that idiot on Jersey Shore); Harold winds it up with assorted tirades.

June 26: HAC describes an unfortunate incident from last week and talks about how to Come Home; Gretchen reviews a Benoist pamphlet; Andy talks about the Space Madness.

June 19: HAC on Fort Carson NF activity, the fall of Iraq, the fall of Eric Cantor, the Brown Children’s Crusade, and a young White man’s future. Olivia on We Can Be White; Gretchen on eugenics.

June 12: HAC returns to the comfort zone with Andy, Gretchen, the Trucker, and Mike Harris. Topics include the Bill White case and Frank Da Silva’s book on the Order.

June 5: HAC responds to a comment from two weeks ago, which may or may not be a troll but which brings up a valid point. Olivia on TV watching and an interesting array of music.

May 29: HAC proposes a solution to Edgar Steele’s mail problem, Gretchen reviews Frank Da Silva’s Rise of the West, and Harold and Mike Harris rap for a while.

May 22: HAC on internet trolls and why he will not write his autobiography any time soon; Gretchen the Librarian reviews Order hero Frank Da Silva’s Foundations of the Twenty-First Century; Andy lays Real Politics #5 on us, and then he and Harold bloviate for a bit.

May 15: HAC on paranoia, a travelogue from the Trucker, Olivia on White women’s attitudes, and a lot of nattering between HAC, Andy Donner, and the Codgers.

May 8: HAC on the Gerry Adams arrest in Ireland and the utility of VBulletin boards; a homily from the Trucker; Gretchen reviews the last Kurt Eggers book; rambling from the Dueling Codgers.

May 1: HAC on Glenn Miller, Cliven Bundy, Edgar Steele, Stormfront, and VNN. Gretchen on a Kurt Eggers book. Andy on the real politics of race. Codger Clatch with HAC and Charles Martel.

April 24: Our official April 20th podcast. Liv on honor, Lord Lucan on Tory Jews, and HAC on queers, plus a distinct Germanic lilt in the musical selections.

April 17: HAC on the latest Glenn Miller incident; Lord Lucan on Jews; Gretchen reviews a Kurt Eggers book; a historic Charles Lindbergh clip; chat with HAC and Comrade Charles Martel.

April 10: HAC on the Bill White trial judge, employment prospects for young men in the Homeland, and national anarchism, and mysticism. Gretchen reviews a book by an ex-priest turned SS officer, Andy talks about wanting to win, Olivia discusses the White concept of honor.

April 3: HAC raps on the Bill White case and religion in the NAR, Gretchen discusses criticism of her last segment, Andy gives us Part 3 of Practical Politics, and Olivia speaks on Northwest Migration.

March 27: HAC responds to the California kid, tells a story from his own Homecoming, and castigates an FBI murder squad for sloppy work. Andy on Practical Politics, Gretchen reviews a book on the gods, Olivia on her own racial awakening.

March 20: HAC gives career advice and expounds on street-walking and publicity. Hear from a new migrant in Idaho. Lord Lucan on an American labor party, Olivia on the kosher food racket.

March 13: HAC on the Ukraine, Aryan History, and sex. An organic migrant speaks; Gretchen on Tom Clancy; Andy on real politics. Nice selection of St Patrick’s day mellows.

March 6: HAC on the Ukraine, George Lincoln Rockwell, and long, soulful letters; Gretchen on Adolf Hitler the artist; Lord Lucan on trade unionism; part II of the Gerald L.K. Smith speech.

Feb. 27: HAC on the Ukraine, reviving the e-mail list; Andy on GOP entryism and background checks; audio clips from George Lincoln Rockwell, Ezra Pound, and Rev. Gerald L.K. Smith.

Feb. 20: HAC on the Fifth Edition White Book, GOP entryism, and Rhodesian history. Gretchen on Dharma and the Tea Party. Lord Lucan on the rule of law in Western societies.

Feb. 13: HAC gets himself into trouble. Gretchen on background checks, Olivia on White people’s rights, an Odinist speech from a National Alliance meeting, and Valentine’s Day music.

Feb. 6: HAC on secure mailing addresses and GOP entryism; Gretchen reviews Richard Tedor’s Hitler’s Revolution, Andy on feelings, and Olivia reads an open letter.

Jan. 30: HAC on the German Revolution of 1933 and WN entryism into the GOP; Dr. William L. Pierce updates the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; Gretchen does a book review.

Jan. 23: HAC rants and raves at the FBI and then starts up a major Goat Dance; Olivia talks about a monkoidal shooting incident; Andy deals with the “Northwest is full of liberals” canard.

Jan. 16: HAC on sad sacks and guerrilla warfare, Olivia on the White slaves of the 17th century, and Gretchen reviews Ward Kendall’s latest novel, The Towers of Eden.

Jan. 9: HAC on internet security and Phil Robertson; Lord Lucan on the Queen’s Speech; Olivia on religion; Gretchen reviews Nihil; Andy talks about race and class in the Northwest movement.

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