Northwest Front


Dec. 31: Our annual all-music show.

Dec. 24: Special Christmas Eve edition. HAC on scouting trips and Solutreans, the Christmas Truce of 1914, various odds and ends.

Dec. 17: Gretchen reviews a biography of Margaret Sanger; HAC on Trumpmania and FBI infiltrators, Andy on Why Migration? Harold talks about dealing with families over the holidays.

Dec. 10: Harold rants and raves at the FBI and life in general.  

Dec. 3: Harold talks about sporadic armed acts and gender-neutral Swedish; we hear from Gretchen and Andy Donner; HAC tacks on an appeal for your help in breaking out of the bubble.

Nov. 26: Andy Donner Special Shortcast.

Nov. 26: HAC on how we deal with genuine acts of heroic resistance; Gretchen finally closes out on March of the Titans; we hear from the late Edgar J. Steele.

Nov. 26: Call-in show from Nov. 19.

Nov. 19: HAC talks about sharpening the focus of RFN and then rabbits on about the Jewish usury system; we hear part two of Revilo P. Oliver’s Race and Revolution speech from 1968.

Nov. 12: Harold goes medieval on your ass and later on talks about the Surveillance. We hear from Gretchen and the late Dr. Revilo P. Oliver.

Nov. 5: Some old material; includes famous Revisionists Ernst Zundel and Fred Leuchter.

Oct. 29: Halloween special. Lots of Harold rambling and H.P. Lovecraft stuff.

Oct. 22: HAC talks about the call-in shows and a few other Inside Baseball items, we hear from Gretchen and from Bill White, then then we do some more crystal-ball gazing.

Oct. 15: HAC on the economy of the Northwest American Republic and a reprise of an old article on street-walking. Also: Trucker, Gretchen, Louis Beam, and evil karaoke.

Oct. 8: Gretchen, Trucker, Lacey and some more evil karaoke. HAC discourses on the Bill White case and on the moral aspects of our struggle against ourselves.

Oct. 1: Call-in show.

Oct. 1: This one turned out to be something of a special women’s show. Enjoy!

Sept. 24: Harold and Don rap on Donald Trump; we hear from Gretchen, Lord Lucan and the Trucker; Harold goes Lovecraftian on our asses. Ia! Ia! Shrub Niggurath!

Sept. 17: Call-in show. Only two callers, but it has its high points.

Sept. 17: HAC bloviates on Donald Trump, then tells a few Jewish jokes. Many short cuts this week from Morrakiu, Brian, the Trucker, and George Lincoln Rockwell, plus a lot of evil karaoke.

Sept. 10: A female comrade planning her migration; HAC on migration in general; Gretchen on March of the Titans; the Trucker; Who Guards The Guardians? from Harold.

Sept. 3: RFN call-in show, with technical difficulties fixed.

Sept. 3: HAC answers some e-mails; Gretchen gives Harold an early birthday present by reading one of his books; we hear from the trucker; Harold and Don wind up the show with some Theater of the Absurd.

Aug. 27: The last of the Aug. 6 call-in show; Gretchen on March of the Titans; a British comrade analyzes the “progressive” brain; secure mailing addresses for White Nationalists.

Aug. 20: Donald Trump, White character, robots, March of the Titans—this episode has it all.

Aug. 13: HAC on gun talk, Gretchen continues with her rolling reviews on Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans, we hear from the Trucker, and we hear part of a call-in show which isn’t really.

Aug. 6: HAC on Covington novel recovery, Who Guards the Guardians, and some internal stuff. Stefan and Annie join us, as well as Lord Lucan and the Trucker.

July 30: Gretchen’s Part Two on Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans; Stefan and Annie on their Homecoming; HAC reads one of his Golden Oldies.

July 23: Call-in show.

July 23: HAC talks about the cancellation of his book publishing contracts; we hear the second part of Edgar Steele’s interview from the Bonner County Jail; Gretchen reviews Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans; HAC closes with some housekeeping notes.

July 16: The usual eclectic mix of treasonous and cryptic remarks by HAC. Gretchen reviews a book by Alan Benoist.

July 11: Call-in show.

July 9: HAC apologizes and later talks about what will happen if the Northwest Front fails; Gretchen reviews A Walk With Our Ancestors; the Trucker checks in from the road; special musical repertoire in honor of the Glorious Twelfth for our comrades in Ulster and the UK.

July 4: Our second call-in show. Better in quality, if not in quantity.

July 2: HAC on the loss of the First Amendment and the Night of the Charleston Vespers; Gretchen reviews Wyatt Kaldenburg’s book on Odinism; we hear from Andy on Odinism.

June 27: On this first call-in show, Ming the Merciless broadcasts from the Planetoid of Death. Between the one call at beginning and another at the very end, Don and Harold chat and are joined by Lord Lucan, who wanders in at the middle of the show.

June 25: A special podcast on the events of last week in Charleston, South Carolina.

June 11: Brian from Illinois speaks and Harold berates him with cow-like moos; we hear from Adam and Gretchen; HAC raps on Edgar Steele and on the first American Holocaust Denial indictment.

June 4: HAC talks about adding new hateful words to the language and offers a suggestion for our European comrades; Gretchen dishes on William G. Simpson’s essays; we hear from the Trucker and the English guy.

May 28: HAC offers another episode of the ever-popular “Who Guards The Guardians?” and talks some more about migration locales, and we hear from some overseas comrades.

May 21: HAC and Andy rap on Primary Settlement Areas and migration, Gretchen reviews Arthur Kemp’s book on the AWB in South Africa, and we hear from an Arizona comrade.

May 14: HAC raps on the Northwest Constitution, we hear from Gretchen and the Trucker, and HAC bites the head off a race-mixer on the (April 10) Mike Harris show.

May 7: HAC on post office boxes, Gretchen on Arthur Kemp’s South Africa book, Andy reprises one of his better Real Politics spots, and the codgers duel on.

April 30: HAC on the North Charleston monkoid-shooting, Gretchen reviews a book on runes, Andy talks about migration and the old folks, and two codgers resume their duel.

April 23: HAC talks about education, Gretchen reviews a German girl’s war memoirs, Brian from Illinois talks about loneliness for right-wing men, and HAC and Mike Harris chat.

April 16: HAC on the Iran nuke deal; Gretchen on the Hitler Salute; the Trucker checks in from the road; an excerpt from the latest Mike Harris radio show with HAC as guest.

April 9: Andy on whigger smarts; HAC on the Wimmin Issue; Gretchen reviews Alfred Rosenberg’s Myth Of The Twentieth Century; we hear from a couple of younger comrades.

April 2: HAC discourses on this and that and reads a section from A Distant Thunder; Gretchen reviews Povl Riis-Knudsen and we hear from a couple of regular guys.

March 26: HAC talks about the Matt Hale and Asheville 6 cases, Gretchen reviews Carleton Putnam’s Race And Reason, and Stefan and Annie talk about building a Northwest economy.

March 19: HAC on dealing with the secret police, Gretchen on women in the Third Reich, the Trucker on truckin’, and another installment of Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

March 12: HAC on “permission slips”; Who Guards The Guardians? Feature; Stefan and Annie on persuasive one-to-one propaganda; the Trucker reports in from the road.

March 5: HAC answers an e-mail and explains why this isn’t the Harold Covington show, Gretchen reviews a book on TV, and we hear from the panel guys in their final installment.

Feb. 26: HAC on self-destruction (don’t do it), Stefan and Annie on persuasion, Gretchen on a book of New Right essays, Brian on Rasputin, and a panel discussion.  

Feb. 19: HAC opens with an explanation, followed by Andy on the Movement mentality. Also: Brian from Illinois; panel discussion; “back to basics” clips from early RFNs.

Feb. 12: HAC on short-stopping, Homeland creep, why Amurrica won’t work, and Movement modernization. Gretchen on Julius Evola. Hear the Trucker and a discussion on the Holohoax.

Feb. 5: In the absence of HAC, Andy Donner steps in as RFN host.

Jan. 29: HAC on the Butler Plan, Andy Donner on Real Politics, Edgar Steele on anti-Semitism.

Jan. 22: Back to basics with a welcome to new listeners on the American Nationalist Network.

Jan. 15: HAC on the French “terror” attacks; the Trucker on New Year’s resolutions; Gretchen on Super-Humanism; Ed Steele on anti-Semitism; Harold on T-shirt Youth commentary.

Jan. 8: Stefan and Annie talk about their coming migration, Gretchen reviews Ed Steele’s book Defensive Racism and then we hear from the man himself.

Jan. 1: Where the NF is going; Andy on Whiteboys; Gretchen reviews Savitri Devi’s Defiance.

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