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Dec. 29: Our annual year-end all-music show.

Dec. 22: HAC on misogyny in White Nationalism; Andy waxes poetic; Jay from Tacoma speaks.

Dec. 15: HAC on the coming Trumplezeit; Andy on the coming Trumplezeit; Gretchen on the European Far Right; HAC  introduces Settlers ’17.

Dec. 8: A long review of the Northwest Independence novels by a millennial comrade.

Dec. 1: Harold on impending Beestial coup d’etat and some housekeeping stuff. Gretchen gets into Schopenhauer and we hear from Comrade Jay from Tacoma.

Nov. 24: The Ghost Dance, Part Three.

Nov. 17: Listeners comment on the election results and our possible Trumpledorian future.

Nov. 10: HAC on the victory of Donald Trump.

Nov. 3: Our last pre-election episode. All kinds of Trump stuff and conspiracy theory.

Oct. 27: Andy answers Gretchen’s question on Trump; HAC bloviates on Trump and PayPal; Gretchen reviews Phyllis Schafly’s book on Trump; Donald Trump speaks.

Oct. 20: HAC on the presidential horse race. Gretchen on Solzhenitsyn, and we also hear from Goyhammer and Ramzpaul.

Oct. 13: HAC on the presidential debate and what to do if Hillary wins? Paul Watson on Brexit and Gretchen on living in Montana, then HAC returns to rip on the FBI and Movement misogynists.

Oct. 6: We hear from a Mississippi comrade, HAC handles some housekeeping stuff and cribs a Billy Roper article, Gretchen reviews HAC’s Slow Coming Dark, HAC and Charles Martel’s talk.

Sept. 29: The Ghost Dance, Part Two.

Sept. 22: HAC kicks it off with Who Guards the Guardians? Then comes Gretchen and the Trucker and Comrade Charles Martel returns to RFN after several years on the lone prairie.

Sept. 15: Gretchen on Pegida in Germany, HAC and Mike Harris Part Two.

Sept. 8: Gretchen on Landau’s Goodbye Transylvania; HAC talks about the coming Trump Civil War (maybe) and raps with Mike Harris on things Trumpeldorian.

Sept. 1: A short podcast before a long week.

Aug. 25: Special: Part one of the Ghost Dance series of audio presentations by HAC.

Aug. 25: HAC on what might happen in November and an excerpt from a British podcast. Gretchen on Jobbik and Lord Lucan returns from lying doggo.

Aug. 18: Horse race, Gretchen, and Part Two of The Ghost Dance.

Aug. 11: Part One of The Ghost Dance Series: “The World Must Change.”

Aug. 4: Andy and HAC on money; Gretchen reviews East German novel; the Trucker; a N.C. comrade on Edgar Steele.

July 28: HAC on the elections; Gretchen on Nigel Farage; Andy on hobbyism and the misuse of White Nationalism as entertainment.

July 21: HAC, Trucker, special guest speaker, long and abstruse raps on deep subjects.

July 14: HAC on presidential race and avoiding post-Trump depression; hear from a newly-arrived Northwest migrant, Gretchen, and the Trucker.

July 7: HAC on the Clintons; hear from the Trucker, Gretchen the Librarian, and Edgar Steele.

June 30: Call-in show on Northwest migration.

June 30: HAC on Sacramento and Brexit, Gretchen on Eric Frank Russell’s The Wasp. our two ladies from Oregon, and a length blast from the past.

June 23: HAC on the UK assassination and on why he doesn’t speak. Hear from the Trucker and Gretchen the Librarian.

June 16: HAC on the Orlando shootings and the horse race, Andy on the politics of race, Gretchen on Dharma, part two of HAC on Radio Wehrwulf.

June 9: HAC on FBI incompetence and Part One of his appearance on Radio Wehrwolf. Trucker, Gretchen, and some alt.right vibes.

June 2: HAC on the Presidential horse race and on the “they will follow you” nay-say. Hear from the Trucker and Gretchen the Librarian. Final part of HAC the May 12 Mike Harris show.

May 26: A recent migrant tells her story; Bill from Texas says he’s on the way; Gretchen reviews a book of essays; HAC and Mike Harris talk about mass migration and Donald Trump.

May 19: Gretchen on the fictional return of Adolf Hitler; HAC and some guests dish a combination of Donald Trump and economics.

May 12: Call-in show.

May 12: Gretchen reviews a book on the Muslim invasion of Europe; Harold reports on the presidential horse race and then goes medieval on your ass.

May 5: HAC toe-dances along the line of the Forbidden Subject again. Gretchen reviews Tommy Robinson’s autobiography, and we hear from the late Pastor Richard Butler.

April 28: HAC reports on election developments and gazes into the crystal ball as to how “it” might finally happen.

April 21: HAC election update and comment on That Day, plus he speaks of Horst Wessel and our own paranoia. Andy on why he’s such a jerk, Gretchen on the Sacred Book of Adolf Hitler.

April 14: Gretchen reviews a Donald Trump book; Andy reprises his comments on migration vs. Responsibility; two female comrades talk with HAC talk about the White gender divide.

April 7: HAC on elections; Andy on sex; the Trucker; Gretchen the Librarian.

March 31: Gretchen on Hitler and Darwinism. HAC describes his ideal Northwest Front.

March 24: Harold lets it all hang out.

March 17: HAC on the call-in show, plus a new Who Guards the Guardians? Trucker, Gretchen, HAC on “Who Is White?” and a lot of great Irish music for St. Patrick’s Day.

March 10: HAC on Donald Trump. Also Gretchen the Librarian, Andy Donner, and the Trucker.

March 3: HAC on guerrilla warfare, Gretchen on Lothrop Stoddard’s Rising Tide of Color, plus a cut from a Mike Harris show.

Feb. 25: HAC on events in Harney County, Oregon. Gretchen, the Trucker, and Andy Donner.

Feb. 18: Harold’s got the crud this week, so it’s mostly bits an pieces.

Feb. 11: HAC on the Harney County siege and implications for Bill White who reported on it; Gretchen on Billy Roper’s Trilogy; Andy on staying on point; HAC and Sven Longshanks.

Feb. 4: HAC on the murder of Lavoy Finnicum.

Jan. 28: HAC on Harney County (with an important update at the end) and on a future call-in show. HAC and Sven Longshanks; and Gretchen on Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End.

Jan. 21: HAC on Harney County and meth heads; hear from Andy Donner, the Trucker, and Gretchen the Librarian; HAC’s interview with Sven Longshanks of Radio Aryan, part 1.

Jan. 14: HAC updates briefly on Harney Country and talks about paramilitary training. We hear from Gretchen and the Trucker and Raven Feather.

Jan. 7: HAC on Harney County; Gretchen reviews Hiroo Onoda’s No Surrender; we hear some older material from Ed Fields on 1930s Movement History.

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