Northwest Front


August 30: A best of Harold Covington podcast assembled by an anonymous comrade (whose efforts are sincerely appreciated).

August 23: Andy on recent events, feedback, and Theorycraft. Gretchen on Munich 1923. Trucker.

August 16: Andy talks about what the Party is up to and addresses some concerns (as much as he is able to, anyway). Gretchen on Identity Rising. Trucker.

August 9: A compilation of important Northwest Front introductory material by Harold Covington. Special thanks to the comrade who put this together for us.

August 2: Andy Donner with a Party status update, last-minute Covington eulogies, Trucker, Gretchen, and a segment from YouTube about SPLC corruption.

July 26: Andy Donner and others eulogize the late Harold Covington in a special episode of Radio Free Northwest.

July 19: HAC on T-shirt youth and losing his Twitter account. A couple of new voices.

July 12: HAC reads from A Distant Thunder and rambles on about Trump and the primaries. We celebrate Northern Ireland’s Glorious Twelfth in music. Gretchen, Trucker, and a de-classified Kitchen Table Talk.

July 5: Andy, Gretchen, Trucker, and Rico speak out. HAC on misogyny and a reminder: you’re coming Northwest to find a Homeland, not to meet Harold. Really.

June 28: Guys from Sweden and California; HAC explains what the Party is doing without actually revealing any pertinent information; double Trucker; HAC’s last outside interview from two years ago. Link to HAC Classics site.

June 21: HAC on Dreaming the Iron Dream and how we’re kind-sorta winning; Gretchen and Trucker; HAC gives a long Grandpa Simpson ramble about deep spiritual and metaphysical crap.

June 14: HAC on terrorism, misogyny, LARPing and more. Gretchen, Trucker, and Andy chime in.

June 7: HAC answers some email; then hear from Gretchen and the Trucker; followed by HAC talking about his relationship with the late Dr. William L. Pierce.

May 31: HAC, Billy Roper, Dr. Michael Hill, and Tom Kawcynski discuss balkanization in North America on Talkshoe, May 25.

May 24: HAC answers a few e-mail questions; Dry Ice Washington returns for a short visit; hear a ghostly song from Kentucky; followed by a vitally urgent appeal for the Party’s future.

May 17: HAC talks about revolutionary ethics, the infamous O.C. Oglevy, and the Man Who Fell From The Sky. Starship Troopers, Gretchen and double Trucker.

May 10: HAC on the latest de-platforming attacks and how to survive them, and a lengthy extempore ramble on The Old Ways, in this case the law. Gretchen and Trucker.

May 3: HAC hits the misogyny thing again, talks about Incels and the Toronto van attack, plus the first segment of “The Old Ways.”

April 26: HAC, Andy, and some British guy off YouTube debate on the subject of debates.

April 19: HAC on religion, triple Trucker, Gretchen, and a special Fuhrer’s birthday piece.

April 12: Harold’s poking the bear again.

April 5: HAC on revolting from the right, trust, and green monkeys; hear from Gretchen and Andy.

March 29: HAC on the meaning of GUBU and Solutreans, Gretchen, Trucker, and Comrade John Smith on guerrilla warfare.

March 22: Vikings, Trouble Trios, guns, the latest alt.right scandal, + everything in between.

March 15: HAC on the first 1,000 Northwest Volunteers; Triple Trucker; Gretchen the Librarian.

March 8: HAC on why we both are and are not socialists. Gretchen, some British guy, double Trucker, and a song about a dragon.

March 1: HAC reads Chapter V of Freedom’s Sons. This is arguably the most vitally prescient and urgent segment of fiction he ever wrote. It contains a message that all of you need to internalize.

February 22: HAC on audio books of the Northwest novels, the Florida shooting incident, and the return of Who Guards The Guardians.

February 15: HAC reads his famous “Dreaming The Iron Dream” essay from 1999, and we get a reprise from Andy on White nationalist politics as entertainment. Gretchen on Russian nationalism, plus the Trucker calls in from the icy steppes of Nebraska.

February 8: HAC answers migration inquiries from Canadians and gives out to Movement misogynists. Lord Lucan incites the British army to mutiny. Gretchen reviews Camp of the Saints.

February 2: HAC on turnover in White nationalist circles and why no one can seem to find what they’re looking for.

January 25: HAC on the League of the South mailing list theft, price tag attacks, and some crystal ball gazing. He also stirs the misogyny/feminism pot again.

January 18: HAC on the Twitter purge and stochastic terrorism; some Aryan history of the French Revolution variety; Andy, Gretchen, and double Trucker.

January 11: HAC on what can be forgiven in a young White person’s past and what cannot. He also discusses his Edifice Complex. We hear Edgar J. Steele’s last interview.

January 4: HAC on Party professionalization and religion. Gretchen, Andy, Trucker.


December 28: The annual Radio Free Northwest all-music show.

December 21: Annual Christmas show, with HAC on the John Hinckley GUBU and the 1914 Christmas Truce & more.

December 14: HAC on the intricacies of Movement GUBU and also on where you should relocate in the Homeland. Gretchen reviews a Tom Sunic book.

December 7: HAC on the tiered citizenship and voting from the NAR Constitution, Andy on bogus DNA testing, Gretchen, Trucker, and back to Harold to talk about–surprise! surprise!–Northwest migration. (Hint: it’s a Good Thing.)

November 30: HAC, Andy, Gretchen, Trucker on a variety of topics.

November 23: Thanksgiving Day episode.

November 16: HAC on Back To The Future and being a terrorist, Gretchen on Julius Evola, Andy on taking care of the elderly in the context of Northwest Migration.

Andy Donner on Alt.Right: Interview from a Race and Nation podcast with Lord Goyhammer and Sir Stephen. It’s probably the most hard-hitting critical commentary anyone has directed against the so-called “alt.right” from more-or-less within. This interview was a few days before Charlottesville, and afterward we felt it wasn’t quite the most tactful time to air it.

November 9: HAC on politically correct pronouns and Back to the Future. Gretchen on Madame Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled and we hear from a young English National Socialist.

Andy Donner on Theorycraft: In this October 31 podcast, Andy Donner answers the question: “If the Northwest Front is so right about all this, why hasn’t it succeeded?”

November 2: HAC on the Bill White case and also on economics; Gretchen on Dr. Mengele in exile in South America.

October 26: Halloween music, Gretchen and Trucker, Lord Goyhammer.

October 18: A shortcast from HAC wherein he discusses Back To The Future.

October 12: More Brandenburg vs. Ohio from HAC, Brother Andy testifies.

October 5: Harold eases off on the ranting and raving and lets some other folks have a turn.

September 28: Gretchen, Trucker, more envelope-pushing Brandenburg commentary from HAC.

September 21: HAC puts some bad ideers in yer noggins.

September 14: The third anniversary of the murder of North Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele.

September 7: HAC mumbles for a bit, then hear from Gretchen, Matt Heimbach, and an extended interview with Lord Lucan.

August 31: Call-in show on relationships between white men and women. Note: technical problems resulted in poor audio quality and prevented some callers from reaching the show.

August 24: HAC on Charlottesville; some Irish bloke on the alt.left deplatforming offensive.

August 17: Harold on the Late Night Alt.Right Show.

August 10: A stream of consciousness episode from HAC.

August 3: Harold explains his long-running “Waiting For Godot” joke; Lord Lucan returns.

July 27: How does HAC loathe buggery? Let him count the ways.

July 20: Harold does some more crystal ball gazing as to how “it” might happen.

July 13: Harold dishes some inside baseball stuff and does some more crystal ball gazing. We hear from Gretchen and a British comrade.

July 6: HAC does a Settlers '17 Special with a section on Migration for T-Shirt Youth.

June 29: HAC raps on some internal stuff and then another envelope-pusher on stochastic terrorism. Gretchen on Miguel Serrano, Hollow Earth, and Nazi UFOs in Antarctica.

June 22: Andy on Movement and alt.right Jews and bugger boys, plus Gretchen and a British National Socialist and more HAC on stochastic terrorism.

June 15: HAC with another installment of “How To Do This For Yourselves 101,” as well as some comments on Alt.right LARPing.

June 8: Panel discussion from June 2 on the economy in the Northwest American Republic.

June 1: HAC with a new installment of Who Guards The Guardians?  The return of Dry Ice Washington, and Andy asks an important question.

May 25: HAC talks about the ins and outs of practicing real freedom of speech, i.e. talking about things the regime doesn’t want White people talking or thinking about.

May 18: Long Q&A about the economy in the Northwest American Republic.

May 11: HAC on How To This For Yourselves 101 and the character flaws of Richard Spencer. (How’s that for clickbait?) Gretchen, Trucker, and more Australian mellows.

May 4: HAC, Trucker, Gretchen on a variety of topics including making sure the Party knows you’re dead and handling bitchy feminist wives.

April 27: This week’s episode — kind of an experiment, part of a special project— consists of HAC just talking for two hours, no music.

April 20: 128th Fuhrertag. Gretchen talks about the Swastika, HAC raps on the Holocaust myth.

April 16: Andy Donner On Theorycraft: Andy whups up on Dutch Uncles and tells White Nationalists to pull their socks up.

April 13: HAC and Andy dump on Trump; Gretchen talks about the Fuhrer’s escape from Berlin (or not). Also hear from the Trucker and listen to some cool vibes.

April 7: RFN bonus podcast: This is a show HAC did with a young man named Ted on Talkshoe. Includes some juicy Movement gossip.

April 6: HAC and an English guy on Brexit, Gretchen and the Trucker, HAC on the late Dr. William Pierce plus a clip from Pierce himself, and some philosophical musings.

March 30: A special panel discussion on health and alternative medicine for all us codgers and little old ladies in tennis shoes, as the stereotype makes us out to be.

March 23: HAC on Obamacare repeal, precautions against entrapment, and getting back to basics.

March 16: HAC on butt-showing in public, Doom Guard, Gretchen, and HAC returns to talk about Ireland for our St. Patrick’s Day episode.

March 9: A celebration of Commander Rockwell’s 99th birthday; Andy on learning to listen, Trucker and Gretchen and Who Guards The Guardians?

March 2: We hear from a young man on the Homeland; Trucker; HAC tells us playtime is over and talks about his garbage book.

Feb. 23: HAC on the importance of a scouting trip, and some Weird Aryan History to remind us in the age of Milo what a normal sex scandal looks like; Gretchen the Librarian; Mike Harris.

Feb. 16: HAC on housekeeping matters and back with Mike Harris, Gretchen and the Trucker and Paddy Tarleton, “the Woody Guthrie of the alt.right.”

Feb. 10: An excerpt from Radio Wehrwulf with Stephen Landser and Jason Goyhammer, wherein they interview recent Northwest migrant Marcus from Portland.

Feb. 9: HAC talks about high-toned kiddie sex rings among our beloved lords and masters, then raps with Mike Harris. Gretchen & the Trucker drop in as well.

Feb. 2: HAC starts with a Trump commentary; then hear Gretchen the Librarian and Bill from Spokane; Jason from Canada reviews the Matt and Heather books (Northwest novel prequels).

Jan. 26: A shortcast by HAC this week, addressing a serious concern.

Jan. 19: HAC on doxing, Jew alt.righter “Mike Enoch” and the Dylann Roof death sentence. Andy on our willful refusal to understand. Frank discussion of race from Comrade Jay of Tacoma.

Jan. 12: HAC on housekeeping and Movement Modernization. Gretchen, Comrade Rich reading Freedom’s Sons, and then more HAC on The Struggle That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

Jan. 5: HAC on Steve Bannon from Breitbart, a new name for the Enemy, and the fall of the greatest Movement taboo. Gretchen talks about her job loss for being a Trump supporter, and we hear from Jay from Tacoma.

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