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April 4: The Front suffers the death of comrade Don,; new Trucker; Gretchen; the next installment of the Amurrica panel discussion.

March 28: A rerun within a rerun wherein Harold talks about GUBU. This podcast is the best answer to a question recently put to the Party.

March 21: Andy and Jason share the Party message on recent retribution meted out to the Muslim invaders of New Zealand in Christchurch; HAC’s piece on Joseph Stack from 2010 fully applies almost a decade in advance; Gretchen reviews Niccolo Machiavelli’s classic, The Prince.

March 14: A replay of one of Harold’s early appearances on the Mike Harris show. The focus is on the secession movement - another political canard that won’t work just like traditional system politics won’t work.

March 7: Q&A with Andy on Discord servers and issues other White Nationalists had with Harold Covington. Gretchen on A Handbook for Right Wing Youth. Part One of a panel discussion on Amurrica as a concept.

February 28: Rerun of Harold’s appearance on the Deanna Spingola show, which included a discussion of the draft Northwest American Republic constitution.

February 21: Andy on hard copies of the Northwest novels in the After-Harold Age, a reminder that system politics holds no promise for Whites; the second half of last show’s panel discussion; Gretchen with a book on the Holohoax; HAC and some lady comrades; comrade Jason on men and women saving the White future together.

February 14: Valentine’s Day 2013 rerun, which is both appropriate to the day and genuinely fun.

February 7: Andy Donner answers a question about Intellectual Racism, Gretchen reviews Storm of Steele, Double Trucker, and a Panel Discussion featuring several members of the HQ group.

January 31: Repeat episode about dealing with day-to-day life in a politically correct cesspool.

January 24: Andy Donner talks about how the Party sometimes knows what we may not, Jason rips on the media-wide attack on some stroppy White Boys from Kentucky, and Harold on meeting the enemy, who is not us. Gretchen reviews a book from a survivor of the Alt-Right implosion.

January 17: A rerun episode of Harold talking about the Tea Party, giving advice to White Nationalists, and sharing his vision for the Northwest American Republic.

January 10: Donner on the conviction of James Fields, Gretchen on The Black Hand, Triple Trucker Mega Mix, and Covington on running away to join the circus.

January 3: In this rerun from 2011, Harold Covington talks about the big picture, the need for White revolution and what is wrong with many White Nationalists’ attitudes.

As the show enters its 10th year, note how many of the same problems exist in our own time about the insistence on system politics and the lies White Nationalists tell themselves to justify the lack of appropriate behavior and conduct. Upcoming RFN episodes will deal with this and how the Party intends to handle it.

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